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Sunday, August 08, 2004


Went to an orthopedic doctor yesterday coz in our company's latest med exam, my x-ray result's comment read: "mild dextroscoliosis". It meant that my right shoulder was higher than my left one due to the curvature on my spine. Phooey. I figured it was due to my eternal vegetation in front of my PC whether in the office or at home.

So anyway... went to see Dr. Gomez at the Phil. Orthopedic Institute (or something...) at Makati. He asked me to bend and then he examined my spine plus looked at my x-ray. He said I was perfectly OK. I did not have scolio, not even a mild case at that! He said it was just a badly taken x-ray (Arghh... those stupid Medicard physical exams!). He was probably reading my profile when he asked me if I exercised coz under "Sports", I wrote "none". I said I don't exercise at all. I never tried it. I don't go to the gym. I don't play any sport. He suggested badminton. Gaah. I SAID, I DIDN'T PLAY ANY SPORT. INTIENDES? Funny how he said "Well, I'm sorry, I cannot help you..." like he did not know what to say to me anymore. I described what my typical day was: on the computer at the office, on the computer at home, surfing, lying down while watching TV, reading. Yeah, I am pretty much the poster girl for sedentary lifestyle. I am just sooo tamad, I swear. I hate exercising. I reason out that I do not want to tire myself. I abhor the gym. I have never set foot on a gym(well except for La Salle's gym during P.E. in college...) Out of desperation, he said, "Move! Stretch! Do something that you enjoy! Anything! Just move!" Hmm. I said, I might consider that hiphop dance class that Vic is taking in Fitness First or somewhere else... He said: "Anything! Just move!" Hahaha. I have never heard someone emphasize on something as much as he did. :P

So there. I have to move my lazy butt and do some exercise whatever thingiemajig. He said to do something that I will enjoy... Does walking for hours inside the mall count? I think reggae-dancing in Xaymaca sure counts but then again, being exposed to all that helluva smoke (or I suspect, weed?...) is not at all healthy. Hmpfff. Will probably ask Vic about that hiphop dance class. I just don't want to do like the treadmills and gym balls and whatchamacallits in the gym... I sooo hate that kind of fitness crap. I would rather dance. Argghhh. Suggestions, anyone?