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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Hmpffft. I HAVE TO exercise, I guess, considering that I am not getting any younger. Ackkk. I asked my officemate about gym memberships and stuff. I think I'll just waste my money if I get a gym membership. Number 1, I hate the treadmills and stuff that I do not even want to come near 'em. We have a treadmill and a stationary bike which my dad uses here at home but I wouldn't ever, for the life of me, try those out. Number 2, I would only have time to go to the gym on weekends since I'd be too tired if I went to the gym after work. Number 3, I live in San Pedro Laguna and the nearest gym I can think of is the Slimmers World and Fitness First in Alabang. Hmm. Now that would be nakakatamad to go to. Number 4, I am only interested in taking like the hiphop dance class that my officemate takes in Fitness First or maybe pilates. It would be such a waste if I don't maximize my membership by using all the gym's facilities and availing of all those stuff they offer. The only thing that would probably change my mind was if ____ was my gym mate. HAH! :P

I feel that my body might get "shocked" with the sudden change from an ultra-sedentary lifestyle to an active one... So my plan is to take pilates first and then when my body gets used to moving about, I'll take a dance class. My officemate mentioned this place called "Steps" in Pasong Tamo extension... it's a dance studio something-something... 'Might check that out when I have the time.

Sooo... Basically, I am looking for a place which offers pilates classes. Some place where I don't have to pay like an entire year's membership like the usual gym. Maybe there's a place out there wherein I can pay like per class or somethin'? And also, like a place which offers dance classes? Hogi suggested Trumpets Playshop's Streetdancing but I'm afraid it's too "competitive" and not really fun as in F-U-N, like, I won't need to be pressured about excelling and be worried about having skills in Beyonce-ish proportions. Hehe.

So if anyone out there knows such places, please leave me a note here. Thanks!