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Friday, August 27, 2004


Yebbah! I am on vacation leave today!!! I filed this VL last week coz #1 I've been uber-windang the whole month of August because I had two major marketing events to do... one was last Aug. 10 and the other one was last night. So hellloooo, I deserve to friggin' take a breather ya know ;P And then come Monday, I will be preparing for a major telecine workshop--remotely help our Thailand office for their workshop and then prepare for Phils.' version of the workshop come October. Then I have a flyer due next week for the BPI Madness thing. Then there's the 2005 calendars which will be sourced here by all the regions and I do mean, US, Europe, Asean, Australia, Japan... aaaaackkk. Whoever the supplier(s) will be for this calendar will be l-u-c-k-y lucky with ALL that quantity. It has to be finished by November. And then December, we'd be busy with the Metro Manila Film Fest. And then we also have a newsletter to release by September. So yeah, after this VL, I will be busy as hell again til the end of the year. Oh well.

Oh and #2, tonight will be Red's last major gig before he goes to NYC for his film course. So there, I'll be meeting up with Tere later and we'll be goin to Dish ABS CBN to watch the fellas' gig and say bye-bye to Red :(

I haven't been online much since last week. Haven't read everyone's blog or much of my email yet so sorry if I go "duh" when you say something to me that I am supposed to know already since it's on your blog or it's on our yahoogroups (ehehe, Abbie! soweeee!*wide guilty grin*).

Ok, here's a mishmashed rundown of what's up with me (aside from my harrassing work stuff):

  • Last Friday was "Purging Day" in the office. This meant we had to clean up our files and throw away stuff that's not supposed to be kept. Like say, files from 1999 grunge era and CDs of obsolete camera models and old ad materials. Stuff like that. I was so tired that I decided to skip our team's first bowling practice that night. Yes. Don't laugh! I am part of the friggin' bowling team in our office coz we're like freakin' required to participate in about two sporting events. I enlisted myself under bowling and billiards. Yes, I am a sporty, sporty girl. D'ya smell the burning sarcasm? :P
  • I was still in "purging mode" so I decided it was high time to clean up my room. I cleaned up my room the whole day of Saturday after taking our pitbull for a walk early Saturday morning. Yes, that was my lame attempt at physical activity--walk the pitbull and clean up my room :P I took out like 5 big plastic bags worth of trash. I stumbled upon old letters my college friends and I wrote to each other back in our DLSU days. Holy cow, it was so fun to read 'em all over again. Stupid love problems. Feeling uber-dramatic/tragic with stupid love problems. I had all the letters from Aga, Annray, Rose and She. Even the notes we passed to each other when something about ITY just happened. Cute funny memories :) Oh and our L229 chat/email memories! Ahhh. Oh by the way, I STILL have the stupid love problems. It's a bit different in terms of "tragedy" level and the so-called object of affection-- but nevertheless still sorta sumkinda the same. Dontcha just hate that? :(
  • Have bought Switchfoot's Beautiful Letdown CD. Dare You To Move's noisier version just gets to me. I like 24, Gone, Beautiful Letdown, On Fire... almost all the songs are nice! I love it :) Of course my male boss went "duh" when he asked what I got from Tower Records when he saw the bright yellow plastic bag on my table. Helloooo. He is sooo out of touch with music. I did not bother explaining who Switchfoot was. I just said it's a pop-rock band. He would not understand if I said it was a Christian rock band that got known for their songs in the Walk To Remember soundtrack. It's a waste of laway.
  • Work was called off by Wed afternoon but I had to stay in the office coz my mom was taking the Basic Photography 2-day course in our office. Had to wait up for her. So basically, I did not enjoy the declared half-day off. Fudge. I was sooo annoyed that I was probably pouting like hell on our way out of the office. I was still friggin' annoyed while we were in Glorietta that I decided to grab a copy of the repackaged Maroon5 CD. The one that had the Kanye West remix of This Love. Yeah, a spankin' new CD never fails to cheer me up :) Who cares if I already have the album! I hate it though when recording companies do that evil marketing ploy--repackage albums with extra tracks to lure you into buying them again. Why not include the extra tracks on the initial release?! You're screwed if you got the CD during the early phase of its release. Now I'm selling my old Maroon5 CD... 'posted a notice on Friendster and MySpace already. You'll probably say that I could have gotten the Kanye West version over at Kazaa. Yeah well I tried that but I'm too impatient! I couldn't completely DL it yet. And since Maroon5 is oh-so-worth-it anyway, I blew 475 bucks for it.
  • I will practice bowling with my dad tomorrow at the country club. I'll ask him to teach me so at the very least I would not look stupid on the lanes. I can bear being adorably bowling-impaired but not plain stupid and pathetic. I'd be happy if I don't ever throw a gutter ball. Basta hindi ako ma-canal, I'd be okay with that.
  • Went on super-mega-uber stalker mode on Friendster last night. (Blame this on Abbie :P ) I surfed probably from 12:30am til 2am to figure out who the freakin' hell these three persons were. It's hard to do that when you're quasi-brain dead already and when the persons you are looking for are among the 300+ friends list of two persons. So that's about 600+ names to read. And it doesn't help if the person you're looking for goes by a different name on Friendster. Gaaah. Oh but I succeeded! That's my "investigative online persona". Congratulate me Abbie! ;) Isa lang masasabi ko: "Huh?! Sya na yun?!"
  • I finally finished that book Vic lent me: In The Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant. Nice book! Gave me a different perspective about my so-called personal tragedies. Realizing some things just by reading this book calms be down and somehow gives me some sort of inner peace.
  • I will soon go offline now and enjoy my VL. I'll curl up on my bed and go back to reading By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept by Paulo Coelho. I swear, first page pa lang, the poetic way it was written has swept me off my feet. I can't wait to finish it! I just love mush :)
  • Oh , I still have't read much of everyone's blog so sorry if I'm kinda out of touch but I really miss you guys and your posts: Abbie, Mitzi, Tin, Teena, Tere, Mika, June, Lucy, Sybil, Hogi, Mic... Hipstah, Anne, Ida, Arle... etc. I'll read everyone's blog and catch up this weekend... Plus, I must log in to the forum. I haven't been there for a long time too.
  • Waaaaah! I soooooo wanna watch THE NOTEBOOK already!!!! I heard the on-air trailer on RX... ahhh... I think I will cry when I see that movie. I cried when I read the Nicholas Sparks book way back in college. That was the first ever N. Sparks book that I read. After that came Message in a Bottle and Walk To Remember...
  • Can I just say: the She Will Be Loved vid is sooo Stacy's Mom-ish. hehe :P Damn, Adam Levine is a hottie in that vid! His hairline seems to be receding though. Sadness :(
  • I just saw that new Blue vid at one of the show gaps in Star World. I dunno the title. Basta it's this slow song where there's this winter funeral. Like the boyfriend of this woman died and they show his funeral... her missing him, the boys singing in the snow... I loved the shots. 'Makes me wish that if I die, sana I get a winter funeral (as if it snows here! unless, I am some 4-seasons-kind-of-country already by the time I die...). It just looked so poetically beautiful and solemn. Very nice blacks against white. Nice vid...

Okay, I will go back to being a lazy butt for the day and read my Paulo Coelho... then tonight I'm off to Dish...