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Sunday, August 01, 2004


We had our Breakfast Meeting in the office last week. Its a venue wherein business units present updates and stuff about them like if we're meeting our targets, implemented marketing events, future plans and stuff like that. The theme was superheroes so those who presented donned superhero costumes. Usually, the business unit managers are the ones who are supposed to present. But in our BU's case, my boss decided that Vic, Bianx and me do the presentation as it was sooo apt for us to finally turn ourselves literally to the Powerpuff Girls. So there, us Entertainment Imaging (EI) girls came as the Powerpuff Girls: Bianx as Blossom, Vic as Bubbles and me as Buttercup *yebbah!*. Bianx borrowed the costumes from her friends who were pre-school teachers or sumthin' who used the costumes in one of the school's parties.

Hermmm. Sayang, hindi kita our oh-so-cutesy maryjanes in the picture...

Yebbah! I was sooo happy to be Buttercup coz she's my fave cartoon character. I said it was easy to be her: I'll just make simangot (which I can oh-so-naturally do since I look sungit even if I don't mean to) and voila! I'm Buttercup! :P There! One of my dreams came true! I sooo wanted to like wear a Buttercup costume to a Halloween/Christmas/whatever costume party or sumthin' coz I think Buttercup soooo kicks major ass! Such a cool chick! And I have this thing for sungit cartoon characters... I like Oscar the Grouch too ;) Hmm. 'Makes me sad that we had to return the costumes. I sooo wanted to keep mine ;)

Man, I am such a kid!:) Gaah. I am twenty six for pete's sake!:P