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Saturday, August 14, 2004


It was Friday Madness over at Magic 89.9 yesterday. I was listening to King DJ Logan and Slick Rick and got so fascinated with their interesting topic. They were recalling stuff from the 80's and 90's like shampoo brands, commercial jingles, hairdo's, etc. Twas sooo fun listening coz I was also remembering the stuff they were talking about. So here are some of the stuff they mentioned and I also added my inputs as well.


Remember that "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific" ad? With the cartoon flowers coming out of the shampoo model's hair? How about that Sifone ad with Major Tom Lupton (he was that cutie DJ from NU107)? And that "Body and Shake" (or something...) shampoo and conditioner in one, wherein like the shampoo part is yellow and the conditioner part is green... you can see from the bottle that they're separated and then you'd have to shake it so that the shampoo and conditioner mixes together.

Alice Dixon and her famous "I can feel it!" ad. Was that Palmolive shampoo? And what's that commercial by Timmy Cruz where she goes "I swear! Kumapal ang buhok ko!"


That blue square Neko soap for the face! Ola, ola, ang sabong panlaba something jingle. C.Y. Gabriel Wonder soap that came in this bright pink box. Pink Camay soap. Heno de Pravia. Lifebuoy!


Amazing how Eskinol still exists up til now. And putting Dalacin-C on your regular Eskinol!How about that Chin Chun Su thing that was used for whitening the face. ABBIE, remember our ultimate Chin Chun Su model back in high school? Hahaha!

Sebo de Macho for peklats. It didn't work for me though.

Aquanet that came in those cute pink/blue metal cylinders. Dep gel which came in Strong, Medium and Soft Hold. Finesse spray net. Pagoda cold wave lotion. Agua Oxinada for hair bleaching.

Hazel Bishop make-up. I think the model was one of Gabby Concepcion's post-Sharon girlfriends.

Before we had Karel as a Ponds girl, there used to be a Lyna girl. I can't remember what Lyna was though. A soap or something?


I used to wear Anais-Anais. There's also Angel's Breath. Those Nenuco baby colognes that came in gigantic plastic bottles! Mehn, every teenager in school wore either Nenuco or Angel's Breath (with variations like Angel's Love, Angel's Sigh, etc.)! Colours by Benetton! CK's Eternity with that controversial B&W print ad of a man and women on a swing. I used to steal some Eternity and Anais-Anais from my sister's bottle. Hehehe. I also remember trying those "She" colognes.

Then there's Drakkar for guys. Oh and Aspen. I remember SOMEONE who used to wear Aspen. Ackkk.


Now who could ever forget that jingle that went: "Seiko, seiko wallet... ang wallet na ma-swerte!"


Big hair was in! I learned how to tease my bangs as high as the heavens from my sister who was the Aquanet queen during the late 80's/early 90s. I used to kid her that a fly who accidentally went through her bangs will never be able to come out in that tangle of hard teased hair!

When I was like 7 years old, my mom would bring me to the parlor and then have my hair cut the "apple" way. It was called "Apple Cut" or something. Then when I was in grade 3 or 4, I had the Poodle hairstyle. I had my bangs permed plus the ends of my hair. Very poodle-ish, right?

I also remember having "buntot" on the left and right side of my hair ala Regine Velasquez during her Urong-Sulong days. Randy Santiago's buntot was also emulated by the boys. And do you remember how some kids would draw shades and long hair on Emilio Aguinaldo on those green 5-pesos bills? :P

Ooh, ooh! And I also remember having spiked bangs in elementary! *Ewwww*

When Ghost came out, all the girls cut their hairs ala Demi Moore.


I remember those bendable foamy wirey things that was used for pony tails. And those comb-looking banana-shaped clamps. And those comb-looking banana-shaped clamps. Oh and those scoongies/scrunchies? I used to make scoongies for myself. Foamed fabric hairbands. I also made some for myself too.

Plastic bracelets and earrings like the ones available nowadays. Net socks in bright colors. Neon colored-clothes. Those Garfield bow-biters for the sneakers'laces.

Zashikibuta mint green tin cans from Gift Gate. I used to have one of those small tin cans which was used as a wallet when I was about grade 5.


Those Giordano Classics soft t-shirts! I still have mine. I use them as pambahay now. I have Giordano Classics in blue-green, maroon, grey, navy blue, olive green...

Esprit and Benetton. Seventeen and KAI by Rusty Lopez which one can buy from Cinderella.

Square pants back in high school. The wider and more billowy, the better. Cullottes (how do you spell it anyway?). Checkered pants in college.


I'm sure everybody had owned a pair of Greg shoes back in elementary/high school. I also vividly remember owning a pair of those soft comfy black Kung Fu shoes. I think my parents kepr buying me one everytime I outgrew my old pair.

Dunlop or Barbie rubbershoes for PE. Also Reebok. Tretorn and those nice fabric swoosh-looking marks. White K-Swiss shoes. I remember knowing how to spot fake Tretorns and K-Swiss'es.

Espadrilles!!! I used to own like 2 pairs of espadrilles from Bench. One in khaki and the other in royal blue.


Do you remember how Regine Velasquez looked like when she broke out on the GMA Supershow with Urong Sulong. ("Urong-sulong ka, bakit ka ganyan?..." Holy crap, I can't believe I still recall the lyrics!) How about Dingdong Avanzado's "Tatlong bente-singko lang ang aking kailangan, upang makausap ka kahit sandali lang" And Randy Santiago's "Ba-babaero, ba-babaero, ba-babaero daw ako..."

And that Caronia nail polish jingle: "Ca-ro-niaaah, Caroniaaa..."
Ooh, here's a good one: "YC bikini briefs... YC bikini briefs..."
And "Sheeeboom, sheebooom, yadadadadada, sheeboom, sheeboom." Who's that girl again?
Ida Raymundo on San Miguel Beer's Sabado Nights ad.

Back in grade 6 and until, I dug heavy metal music like Metallica, Pantera, Megadeath... Then I loved Guns N' Roses. I was sooo obsessed with the Use Your Illusion album flap and all that hullaballoo about the cool illusions that you can find on the drawings on the album cove just by putting a mirror against it. That was utter coolness. You'll see images of demons, people ermm humping each other... evil stuff like that which is pretty much associated with rock music. I remember mastering how to draw Slash with his uber-curly long hair, tall black hat with silver round metal decors and the trademark lit cigarette.

The debut of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Seattle-grunge was born. Kurt Cobain's suicide. I remember signing "So til Kurt reincarnates..." at the end of every letter I wrote to my friends back in high school.

Stone Temple Pilots! I remember, the very first song that my highschool all-girl rock band performed was "Creep" by Stone Temple Pilots. Then during the Battle of the Bands, we sang "Wag Kang Baboy" by Tribal Fish and another Tribal Fish song which I can no longer remember. During those days, the local underground band scene was booming. Aside from Tribal Fish, there were The Youth (these guys rooocked!), Yano, Backdraft, Mariya's Mistress, Cookie Chua and her band... And then came the now-legends Eraserheads with their UltraElectroMagneticPop album. Rivermaya -- with Bamboo (still with shampoo ad-worthy hair) and Rico still fighting -- was competing with Eraserheads at that time.


Ahhh. Julie Vega and the creepy way she died. Those soaps: Flor de Luna. Yagit (I think this was with Romnick Sarmienta), Mara Clara when Judy Ann Santos was still a kid. Harlene Bautista. Casey something. Lotlot and friends. Alma Moreno and her tanga on Loveliness. Before we had Star in a Million, there was Ang Bagong Kampeon. Kwarta o Kahon with Pepe Pimentel.

And of course, German Moreno's That's Entertainment. What's with the Thursday group anyway? Manilyn Reynes and Janno Gibbs, Kristina Paner, Sheryl Cruz. Dennis Sevilla. Kenneth Peralta. Jojo something whom I remember singing "...when you left me at the boulevaaaard...". Bagets!

Later on, TGIS with Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon, Kim Delos Santos and Dino the superkaduper hairy dude that his chest looks like a carpet. Gimik with Mylene Dizon, Diether Ocampo, Rico Yan, Marvin Agustin, G Toengi...

Marimar and Sergio (?) and her dog. After Marimar, there was another Thalia Spanish soap.... I forget what it was though...


Ahhh. That was such a trip. Twas so aliw goin' old skool. ;)


Siaz said...

Sheeboom girl is Rachel Lobangco... hahaha I still know ano!

Abbie eXcites said...

Haha! Nice one, gurl! Chin-chun-su?! THE WHO?!?!?! Haha.