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Saturday, December 11, 2004


After our product launch at MyCinema Greenbelt, I commuted to DISH (at ABS-CBN's The Loop) for the first time *gasp* (In the past, I usually met up with Teena and the rest of the gals at Shangri La mall...) So anyway, I asked my officemates how to get there via MRT. Holy cow, it's soooo nakakawindang to ride the MRT! Way too many people in one square meter. Gaaaah. I went to the MRT station near SM Makati and caught a train to Quezon Ave from there. When I went down at the Quezon Ave., I had totally no idea which direction of the street I was supposed to hail a cab. Twas hard to get a cab on the street where I stood (I haven't the faintest idea which street that was... I supposed it was an intersection of Quezon Ave and ermmm, EDSA???? I dunno :P) so I crossed the street and went to the opposite side of the road. After a coupla minutes more, I successfully hailed a cab. 'Nyeta, one turn lang pala, ABS CBN na eh. Funny. I thought ABS was on the other side of the street. Hayyy. I should have read something like Going to The Loop (ABS CBN) for Dummies. :P

Met Mika and Sybs at Starbucks first. Met their cool AA English teacher Karen. Greeted Robi inside Starbucks. Hung out with Mika, Sybs and Karen til past 9pm at Starbucks. We proceeded to Dish and met up with Tere and her lovely "couple" friends Mina & Topey. Greeted birthday girl Tita Sherbet inside Dish. Rhada (sp?) performed during the first set and the Akafellas during the second set. Teena and Hogi arrived later on. Hitched a ride to Alabang with a very sleepy Pau (we dropped off Jhett to his house somewhere in, hmm, I dunno where the heck that was! haha!). Got home around 1:30am.

Peechur, peechur... ;)

(1) me, mika and sybs with her glamorous pearls; (2) mika, sybs and me at the ladies' room *LOL*; (3) topey, mina and the very posh tere
Dang! I didn't get the note that said "Come in all-glam outfit" ;)

the fellas sans ikey (who was still sick *aww*) and roger (who had a san mig gig, i think...)

(1) karl, tere, myke, jhett, me and reubs (reubs, oist, wala akong bilbil and flabby arms, okei?! tama na ang pag-pinch!:P); (2) hogi, pau and me; (3) robi (trying the tough-guy image, hehe) me and pau; (4) teena, robi, hogi, me, pau and jhett

Kooky/fun shots: (1) pau, hogi and teena; (2) teena and jhett


brown eyes said...

nice pics ah! funny. cute. seemed you really had fun. ΓΌ