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Thursday, April 21, 2005


I celebrated my birthday last Tues. with my dearest friends: Abbie, Charo, Tin and Jako. Mitzi (in the US now) surprised me with an overseas call as I was dozing off waiting for Tin to pick me up. We chatted for quite a long while! Thanks for the sweet call, Mitzi! :)

We had my birthday dinner first at Dencio's in Brittany Bay (the one with Figaro and Grappas... 'really nice picturesque building sticking out at the Sucat service road... you should see it during Christmas... the whole place looks magical with all the Christmas lights and giant Christmas tree.)

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We then proceeded to 19East (a stone's throw away from Dencio's) to watch M.Y.M.P. perform. Twas my first time to watch them live. I've been loving their cover songs from their album for quite awhile now. Juris of MYMP has one of those cute pixie-like voices (think Lisa Loeb and Barbie Almabis)...

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brown eyes said...

super saya ng pics mo. talagang enjoy ka sa bday bash mo ah. that's really good. celebrate life! :)

tin said...

uy!! puro mukha ko nandyan ah!?!? heheehe... hiya ako. hehe... check out my tabulas.... i did some pa-cute ek.. with ur fave color. hehe.

saya! hehe. oh.. btw, link ko na lng dto sa site mo, tamad na mag-blog. hehe.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

fay: yes! it was super fun because i was with my bestest friends the entire night! =)

tin: pano kaya di puro mukha mo eh u're the official photographer for the night who has the innate ability to include urself in the same picture that u are actually taking! winner ka! :)

i saw the collage! i sooo luv all the purple, violet and lavender that i saw! :)