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Sunday, April 10, 2005


I realize I haven't posted anything in a long while and this is actually my first post for my birthday month. So here... I'm gonna mess up my blog and post random stuff. (I hate not having an appropriately themed post. I rarely post random thoughts here. I think this is my 2nd or 3rd random post ever since I started blogging in 2003. I suppose it's coz I'm OC. Anyway...)

  • I did the most macho thing ever last Thurs. night. I opened up my CPU and changed the battery of my ASUS motherboard. Yey! I feel so macho holding two different screw drivers and actually opening up and seeing the hi-tech whatchamacallits inside my CPU. The day before, I asked the help of our IT guy in the office to demonstrate how to change the motherboard battery. And so, I successfully changed it. I'm so proud of myself coz I'm not so helpless anymore when it comes to my PC. Hurray!

  • Just came from Camayan Beach in Subic yesterday. We're blaming the president of the Phils. for making us late that by the time we got there at 9:30AM, the cabanas were all occupied save for one that we had to evacuate by 1PM because somebody has reserved it already. Yes, my dad blamed the president coz we were re-routed somewhere in Pampanga because GMA was gonna be there. Instead of the main road, we were re-routed inside the town so I took us longer to get to Subic. Anyway, I tried to even out my tan yesterday. I happily didn't get sunburned coz I slathered on sunblock. I learned my lesson already! I don't want to end up fried anymore ;-)

  • I think I like Athlete. I've been hearing their sigle "Wires" on RX every 6:35AM-ish on the Morning Rush. They sound like Coldplay. Typical melodramatic, depressing British wailing. I am still contemplating though whether to buy their album "Tourist" or just download their mp3. So far I've seen good reviews about it in the net but I saw in Amazon that there's a Tourist CD with additional tracks. The version they're selling at Tower Records doesn't have the extra tracks yet. I'm hoping that they release the repackaged version with additional tracks. I hate it when record companies do that... I realize it's an evil scheme to milk out more money for the album but why don't they just sell the CD with the add-ons (bonus songs, videos, bundled VCDs ...) to begin with?! Grrr. The only time I fell for that scheme was with Maroon5's Songs About Jane. For awhile, I had 2 Maroon5 albums. I gave away the first edition to my sister and kept the repackaged one with more tracks. I've been double-whammied with the repackaged album scheme: first with Switchfoot's Beautiful Letdown which now comes with additional acoustic tracks and some videos... second with Usher's Confessions which now comes with My Boo and some more extra songs, I think.

  • Speaking of mp3s, since I reformated my HDD weeks ago, I have yet to rebuild my "My Music" folder. I am due to transfer back 20 (count 'em -- TWENTY!) CDs worth of mp3s I've downloaded since 2002. My primary purpose of buying additional hard disk memory was so I could continue to have an organized mp3 filing system in my PC -- divided into folders by genre (Rock, Pop, OSTs, R&B, Reggae, OPM, Dance, Mush...) and further subdivided in folders by artist. I am devoting my 20GB slave drive for all of it. Good luck to me.

  • I have yet to re-install any P2P program for downloading my mp3s. I am contemplating whether to re-install my Kazaa-lite or use Limewire which was recommended to me by my boss' 16yr old daughter. The two programs claim in their websites that they don't have spyware but who's to trust anyone's words these days? I'd be happy to hear your thoughts. Yes you. I'm sure you love downloading mp3s too ;-)


Siaz said...
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Siaz said...

Hi Aileen, I user BearShare. you can DL that at Most of the songs sa other P2P apps are messed up eh.

tin said...

iMesh? like mo? hehe.

u know Dub FX? raggae sila... hit song, "tell me what you want"...meron ka MP3?

i wanna bring my "portable" HDD (i dont know how they call it eh) to ur place, tapos COPY na lng MP3s mo. hehehe....

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

MITZI: ok ba bearshare? walang spyware? does it eat up a lot of memory?

TIN: iMesh? hmm, now ko lang narinig yun ah... is that what u use? walang spyware? i haaaate spyware, kainis yun.

DubFx? haven't heard of 'em. i just know mainstream reggae like of course bob marley, ub40 and big mountain. hehehe. limited reggae knowlege. i'm not a true-blue rastafarian:(

hey sureness! bring ur external HDD to the house one of these days and get all the songs u want. kaya lang i haven't started putting back all my mp3s on my slave drive. hehe. i'll let u know when it's all organized na ;-)