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Monday, July 26, 2004


Hi people of the world!:) I'm a contributor for our company's internal newsletter and I'm tasked to fill up this column about Top Ten "somethings"... much like Chico and Delamar's Top Ten every morning, if ya know what I mean ;) So anyway, for our maiden issue, I need to come up with the Top Ten Things To Do While Stuck in Traffic.. Hmm, so far I have only thought of four entries. I cannot solicit answers from the office coz then the column would not be a surprise to them anymore if I did. So there, I need your answers!!! Serious or non-serious, crazy or sane... all your ideas would be greatly appreciated. I just have to get my ass moving and submit something to our Features editor fast!

Thanks in advance for sharing your wild ideas to me! :)


Abbie eXcites said...

There's a whole bunch of thread @ Honda Club about this. The entries are so weird! From praying, to reading, to guessing plate numbers, to picking their noses (eww!).

I'll search it for you. It might give you ideas.

Anonymous said...

1. station surf the AM stations and try to imitate the broadcasters' weird voices
2. (kung may kasama sa kotse) habulan kayo around the car
3. (if alone and a smoker) go to nearby cars and ask for a light.
4. try to sell old sampaguita to nearby cars
5. put one of those inflatable sex dolls in your trunk beforehand then bring it out when at a standstill (preferably on EDSA para kita ng lahat) it in the passenger seat.

that's all i can think of for now...hehehe


bugoyers_girl said...

6. wappak ur self and be satisfied=) f ur w/ some1(bf/gf),enjoy each others company=) u know what it means. .hehe