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Thursday, February 24, 2005


I spoke to Thai people all day at the office. I have been calling Hard Rock Cafe in Pattaya, Thailand, this certain company who is organizing the upcoming Asia Pacific Ad Fest and Royal Cliff Beach Hotel. Our Thailand office was way too busy and understaffed to help us with logistics so I had to do the arrangements myself. I must've racked up quite a lot of overseas call minutes since it was not easy speaking to Thais. They don't pronounce end consonant sounds... their "r"s are missing... and English is not exactly their second language. One time I found myself saying "No, no. English! English!" when someone greeted (I presume?) me and started speaking to me in Thai. I tried to use basic/simple English words and repeated myself a few times just to make sure we understood each other correctly. The Thai dude from Hard Rock kept addressing me as "sir". Do I sound like a man over the phone?! I am pretty sure my voice is high pitch enough to be female! :P

I remember about a year ago, I was speaking to a Hungarian lady from Hungary's immigration office over the phone. I was trying to check if the visa of this U.P. film student whom we sponsored for a Budapest summer internship was already approved. We could barely understand each other! Finally, it was just a matter of me asking her if it was "Okay or Not Okay?"... "Problem or No Problem?". That was a funny cultural experience for me. Basically, the key to communicating with people who are not well-versed in English is to use extremely simple and universally-understood words: Okay/Not okay, Yes/No...


I think I'm getting fat. I am not imagining. I have noticed that every month when I am about to get my period, I tend to pig out. I crave for salty junk foods, chocolates or even spicy siomai. I pigged out on Cadbury Break Bites this afternoon. It seems to be a new kind of Cadbury chocolate. It's like little squares of KitKat. Yummmmy! While I was falling in line at the terminal on my way home, I ate some left-over garlic peanuts I got from our office cafeteria and then I ate Henlin shark's fin. I have mastered the art of eating siomai while standing up in line much the same expertise as eating fries with ketchup (while also falling in line).

I can feel my tummy getting marshmallowy. I could hardly breathe in my size 25 jeans. My office pants are tight while the other slightly big ones are suddenly snug. In a digital pic taken last Sunday in the province, my arms look bigger. Ugh. If only all fats went to my boobs then I would not mind at all. I have yet to check if I still fit in my Speedo. I'm pretty sure I won't fit into my board shorts anymore coz the velcros were already half-way stuck last year. This year, I might not be able to overlap the velcros at all. (Note to self: Good luck on that.) I must lose weight by Holy Week (we're going to Subic!). It's cheaper than buying a new Speedo swimsuit.


I still had SM gift certificates from our company X-mas party last year. I tried to look for office pants or shoes but I could not find anything nice so I bought 3 CDs instead. I will always be happy with CDs! =) I got Maria Mena's White Turns Blue ( I soooo love "Sorry". Gee, it's my song...), the Full Volume compilation (because I sooo love "Broken Sonnet" by Hale. There's another nice track there... a rock remake of Sade's "No Ordinary Love". Of course, Stonefree's "Kapag Nawala Ka" is there too.), and the first Bridget Jones's Diary soundtrack (because my pirated one skips already! Ugh.)

It's a long weekend! Hurray! My sister lent me her Dan Brown books (Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code). I will read as much as I can this weekend. I wonder what's the big fuss about Dan Brown's writings...

I have been meaning to post my "things to do before I die" kind of thing and another "anger management exercise"... If I'm not too engrossed in Angels and Demons, I will try to blog about it over the weekend.

I'm sleepy and my email is full of unread messages. Labooo. Good night, netizens.


Abbie eXcites said...

Hey! I'm also reading A&D right now. :) Brown's writing style is great.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

i'm just about to end chapter 6. haha. ang bagaaaal ko magbasa coz everytime i curl up on my bed to read it, i end up dozing off after a few pages :P not that it's boring... takaw-tulog lang ako whenever my back hits my oh-so-comfy bed ;)