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Monday, February 28, 2005


Since last year, I haven't been really interested at all to read any of Dan Brown's work. Not even during the months when there was soooo much buzz about The Da Vinci Code that its copies were all sold out at National Bookstore and Powerbooks. One look at the thick book and I told myself that I'd just wait for it to come out in the movies! :P I'm too lazy to read books as thick as those :P (I never even read a single Harry Potter book! I just refuse to be Potterized despite the worldwide phenomenon over Rowling's books :P Oh but I watched all three HP movies. hehe.)

So anyway, I was wondering what the big fuss was about so I just asked my officemate to tell me what exactly Da Vinci Code was about. I mean yeah, I heard that it was highly controversial on a religious angle and all but I did not really know exactly why until then. Upon hearing her "long story short", I understood why everyone wanted to read the book. BUT, I still did not bother to read it. No burning desire at all to read aaaaalll those pages! But then, after quite awhile of mentioning to me how Dan Brown's books were really good, my sister lent me both her Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code books. So I said to myself, "okay, why not give it a try..."

I started with Angels and Demons last week. And WHOA. Astiiiig. Kaya pala. I read the book practically in two days! I started a coupla pages last Tuesday but went full-blast in reading it virtually non-stop last Saturday and Sunday. It was hard to put down the freakin book! It's also cool how I learned about Roman art pieces and tourist spots (Bernini's sculptures and all those obelisks! I am so intrigued with Bernini's works that I have started googling the images already... Syempre, I googled The Ecstasy of St. Teresa first!:P). Catholic rites of electing a new pope. The Vatican City's inner workings. And all those Illuminati ambigrams and interpretations...! Conspiracy theories!

Oooh, and another good thing is that I'm learning new words while reading it :) I always had my dictionary by my side coz whenever I see an unfamiliar word, I get way too OC that I couldn't resist the urge to look it up even if I could understand it in context. Imagine, I was sooo engrossed in the book that, by 9pm, I realized I hadn't taken a bath at all! Haha! I read on and on until I finished the book around 1am. (I could not bring myself to sleep without finishing the damn book! I just HAD TO finish it!).

Grabe. Dan Brown is clever. His twists are so mind-blowing. Totally ingenious. Now I know why he rocks!

I can't wait to start reading The Da Vinci Code! (bad trip though coz I know na the gist so it won't be as surprising... but still, I'm sure the details and how he cleverly crafted his story will still blow me away.)


ivahlicious said...

i know what you mean. i just finished his Digital Fortress this afternoon and as expected, it was another good read... although when you've read too many Dan Browns, you kinda figure out how he thinks and it kind of kills the suspense...but i like his works, nonetheless...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

the super-famous controversial da vinci code is up next on my pile of books to read... i'm sure it'll be another page-turner for me ;-) it's a welcome change from my usual psychology/relationships/self-help books ;-)