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Saturday, October 28, 2006


So Tin and I owe Abbie big time huh. Rock gigs are definitely not Abbie's thing but she willingly went with us in Parañaque last night to drive back and forth in Aguirre St. for one hour, getting lost in trying to find this place called Al's Bar where Faspitch was supposed to play. We stopped several times all over Aguirre St. to ask for directions and nobody in the world seemed to know where the freak Al's Bar is. We ran into some cute BF Homes residents and even this former (?) Magic 89.9 jock King DJ Logan to ask if they knew where the bar was. Finally, I got hold of Alex "Phat Boy" Lim's celfone number and so we called him up and asked where the heck Al's Bar was. Well, a piece of advice to whoever owns Al's Bar (actually "Al's Place" as the poorly-lit tarpaulin banner read)... go get yourself a freaking illuminated sign!!! Arghhh. The frustration of being lost for an hour, hehe. I love Abbie for being so ever-patient in driving for us despite being tired from work and being hungry. If I were you, I would have been cursing all over the place. Patience is not one of my virtues :p Damn, now we owe you our company for some artsy play you'd want to see in the future huh? ;-)

When we got there, this other heavy metal/speed metal/death metal kind of band was playing. Very 'blast from the past'. Reminiscent of Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera of the 90s. Complete with the 360 degrees headbanging of the long-haired guitarist.

Faspitch started playing round 12MN. Funny, Abbie said she didn't like Henry coz he was just sitting pretty there at the back seat of the bar while Russell, Trick, Trevor and Pacco were setting up, doing sound check and stuff on stage. So I was like "Uhh, so panong gusto mong gawin nya, magvovocalize sya like mi-mi-mi-mi-mi.....?" LOL :p Oh and another totally hilarious comment from her was when she described Henry as looking like he was in the brink of having a heart attack with the way he sang in that hmm strangely intense way I mentioned in my previous blog post.

Anyway, that FP performance weren't as great as the one Tin & I saw at 6Underground last week. Not really FP's fault though. It was the sound system that kinda sucked. The speakers squeaked with intermittent feedback; The mic was not loud enough -- Henry's low pitch/soft vocals were drowned by the drums & guitars, you'll only hear Henry's voice when he's already all growly and screamo; Russell's kick-ass screamo vocals were hardly audible; Trick had guitar trouble so he had to change guitars in the middle of Dweller, the replacement guitar sounded a tad off-tune by the time he did riffs for Breathe, the guitar strap fell off by the time they were playing Staying This Way so poor Trick had to play guitar while crouching/sitting down on stage until some kind soul gave him a chair to sit on. They sooo wanted to get off stage by the time they finished Staying This Way. No encore. Oh well.

Well at least the happy thing about the night was that I managed to have my Future of Ear Repair cd inlay signed by all of the Faspitch guys. Brownie points for them coz they personalized it. Not a lot of artists care enough to ask my name. 'Really says a lot in my book. Another one for my collection of signed OPM cds ;)

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So anyway, Tin has sworn off Colt Ice for now. I did not dare touch one coz I knew Colt 45 was a strong beer. I was happy with my San Mig Light.


tin said...

ay naku, markado na yang colt ice na yan! grrr! parang nag 6 bottles ako, tapos plus 1 na san mig lite. lech!

abbie, salamat ulit! :D

Abbie eXcites said...

HAHAHA! You owe me BIG time! I swear I almost fell asleep (yeah, very ear-splitting music and all) while the two bands were playing.

Thanks for your Henry comment. Now he have to trace me down and prove me wrong. Hahah!

Tin --- nakauwi ka ba?

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

ABBIE: haha, if he's gonna track you down, can i be your proxy? i wouldn't mind :p