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Saturday, October 14, 2006


The frequency of weddings that I am invited to/happen to know of is alarming me. It's like this clock ticking inside my head. Nevertheless, what I love about weddings is the celebration of love, faith and hope... the taking of memorable photographs... and the chance to dress up, glam up and look fab. Well... primarily, just because of the last reason, hah!:p

Last Oct 7 (Sat), my friends and I went to the wedding reception (albeit fashionably late) of Tonet & Aimee. Tonet is one of my high school classmates. I'm not sure why I was invited -- probably the friend-in-law theory of Seinfeld, haha! (He's a friend of Abbie). Anyway, what I eternally dread and hate about weddings is that part when they call on the singles in the house and do those ridiculous games that IMHO spells total social embarrassment and disaster to the single on the spotlight. As I predicted, I was summoned by the groom -- not once, not twice but -- three freaking times! I had to ignore him thrice. Haha. Sorry Tonet! Just not my thing ;-)

After the wedding reception at Manila Southwoods, we proceeded to Westgate Alabang to eat, drink & be merry (well, ALMOST) and then capped off the night at Starbucks SLEX. Pictures galore as usual. What do you expect when Abbie and I both brought our beloved digicams?! We've both been experimenting with our respective digicam's settings to get those psychedelic streaks of light. The pictures turned out extremely artsy like we wanted to :)

charo, abbie & i w/ the SOs of our guy friends from high school

us fabulous gals with the groom

abbie, me, charo & jako


Abbie eXcites said...

We look so fab! The pictures are nice. Nice to see the one you took with K at the head table - did not know that one! So, where's my favorite??? --->

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

you know i hate that photo! hmp, and i can't really make you remove it huh >:p