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Thursday, September 23, 2004


I have the sorest sore throat ever and I have fever. I'm on sick leave and I am blogging. Go figure.

Anyway... 'saw the Amazing Race finale yesterday morning and watched the replay again last night when I got home. Kainis. I did not want Chip and Kim to win. They're so sneaky, I hate it! I know that's how the game goes but helllooo, the yabang comments of Chip (and Kim, sometimes) is just soooo annoying! Grrrness. I don't care if they were underdogs during the earlier part of the race. But they could have just shut up and not brag. That would have been less annoying.

I was rooting for Colin and Christie (Colin is such a hottie!) but I wouldn't have felt bad if Brandon and Nicole (Haha, my officemate calls him Krusty the Clown) won.

Colin and Christie is just so cute together. Their relationship is so real, I mean, they argue with each other, curse each other and get mad at each other a lot of times but after that, they kiss and make up. Aww. It's nice if you are in a relationship wherein you are not tiptoeing on glass and you are not afraid to show anger. Like, you feel secure enough in the strength of your relationship that you feel "safe" to vent out your rage and everything coz you know your partner will still love you inspite of your being a beeotch.

MY FAVE COLIN LINES: "My ox is broken!" "Oh my god, I hate you!!!" (Colin going ballistic. As usual!)

Here's a hilarious take on The 22 Stages Of Breaking Down Because Of An Ox in Television Without Pity .Take note of the "stages". Freakin' funny, I swear!

And they kiss and make up. Again.

As for Brandon and Nicole: Aww, Brandon is such a sweetie. *sigh* Ever so patient with whiny Nicole. That part in Calgary when Nicole cried and whined like a baby when they couldn't get the bike time right... Brandon was so calm and patient with her. Such cuteness.

MY FAVE BRANDON LINES: "Imagine Jesus Christ with his arms wide open, up there, and you're going towards him" (to Nicole when she was giving up hiking up the snowy Lookout Mountain of Calgary) "Hey Chip, beat it." (when Chip swam up to Nicole when he thought she was drowning)

NICOLE: "You sexy thing!" (as Brandon was ascending the Lagen Wall)

Argghhhh. So sayang that neither Colin & Christie nor Brandon & Nicole won the Amazing Race. I am so not happy with Chip & Kim winning. Hmp!>:(


Siaz said...

I want Brandon and Nicole to win too, Brandon is soo patient with her gf.. I like that in a guy =) Sayang di ko napanuod yun previous episodes.. I had fun watching it last night.. I guess I'll just have to wait next season.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

aww yeah, brandon is such a boyfriend material. i have been reading their thread on television without pity and a lot of people adore him :)

saw a scoop there too on the colin/christie thread. dun pala sa last part when they were on their way to the finish line, they got a flat tire (coz diba that earl dude drove sa shoulder ng road) and somebody on the board said they were delayed for like an hour. they had to wait for another car. pero they finished second pa rin. so that means super tagal ni brandon & nicole inside the maze.

whoa! tapos i heard sa news that colin proposed to christie on The Early Show! Didja get to watch it?

Siaz said...

oh yeah.. he proposed? Medyo bad boy dating ni Colin sa akin pero he's really sweet to Christie nga.. I didn't know that they have a guest appearance in The Early Show yesterday. Here's the link anyways, I just read it...

Anonymous said...

It was arguably the best TAR episode of any season. --Orbital