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Saturday, September 11, 2004


Okay now this is beginning to be a habit every Friday. So now I can come back to that doctor in the orthopedic institute (the one who told me: "do anything! just move!") and tell him that I am exercising every week now. Hehe. Reggae-dancing at Xaymaca. Now that's counted as my exercise, right?! :P

So as usual, I was there with my sister and Abbie, along with my sister's friends: Retchie, Dodjie, Ramil and Archie. Usual seat at the back. Danced on top of the bench as usual. And hello, I have learned to drink San Mig Light without squirming. I don't really like the taste of beers. I'm a vodka drinker. But ordering too many bottles of Vodka Cruiser or Vodka Ice will totally skyrocket my bill. So there. San Mig Light it is.

Jao, Brownman Revival's bassist was really nice to us and even came over our seats to say hi. So 'bait. Ramil and I went at the backstage to ask for a picture with the band but Dino said they were not all there and it's better if we do it after the show when everyone's at the backstage. So anyway, I made kulit to him and asked if Only One was on their set list. Heck, I even asked to see their set list! He was actually holding it and then I saw that it was the first song on their second set. So hurray for me! :) Yebbah. So when we were saying goodbye, I suddenly remembered that I did not introduce Ramil to him, so I introduced them. And then I said, "Oh ako, hindi mo na alam name ko noh?!" And he like flashed a sheepish smile and said "Hindi, alam ko... ikaw si... Only One!" Haha!:P

After the gig, I approached Jao and asked him if we could have a pic with the band. So everybody who was there gathered around at the backstage. Alphy (the lead guitarist) kidded that he felt bad that he got cut off in our pic last week when I showed him and Jayson (trombone dude) our pic from last week which was stored on my fone. So I kidded him that he should make pwesto in the middle na for our picture that night para sure na he won't get cropped out of the pic :P Dino who had a white small towel hanging on his neck was kidding that papasada pa sya ng jeep. Haha. He did look like a jeepney driver, kaya lang, as he told my sis, hindi nga lang Good Morning yung towel nya :P So there, had a picture again. :) Yeah baby, I am not from Kodak for nothing! ;)

This was our pic the time when Ramil and I went backstage. Dino goes: "Mukha naman akong sabog dyan..." And I went: "Eh mukha ka namang sabog lagi eh!" And he goes: "Ah oo nga!"