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Saturday, September 04, 2004


After like a month of not going to Xaymaca, I finally joined my sister and her friends in reggae-dancin' in Xaymaca. Along with my sister, I was with Abbie, Cris, Ate Ga and the rest of my sister's officemates. Rick called my after the first set and said that he would drop by Xaymaca. He got there around 12ish with his officemate from Colgate. When the second set started around 1ish, they left--wehehe, di nila ata trip :P Oh well.

So anyway, after the first set, we met Jason of Brownman Revival, the hmm, was that trombone?, yeah, I think he's the trombone dude of the band. He's nice and chatted with us a bit.

Reggae-dancin' on top of the cushioned bench against the wall, as usual. Have sweat like hell since it's a hot house by the time Brownman Revival does their second set. That's why this is the only place where I wear a sleeveless top (or else I would hyperventilate or something). I think they finished around past 2am. We went to the backstage after everyone has winded down by 3am. It was the keyboardist dude (my bad, I forgot his name. There are just too many of them to remember all their names:P) who accommodated us when Abbie, Cris and I were standing by the doorway and peeking into the court/backstage. When we went inside, they chatted with us. The percussionist dude (okay, I'm sorry, I'm really bad with names so I will call them dudes for now until I memorize all their names :P) who wore such cool shirts like Reese and the Little Prince chatted with us. He said he hasn't even read The Little Prince though but said something about the French author of the book who disappeared.

After taking a picture with the band, Dino (the vocalist) and the bassist dude chatted with us. Oh yeah, Dino Concepcion is cute without his trademark shades on. He put his shades on when we posed for a picture but he didn't wear it all that time we talked. He has nice deep-set eyes, super-tangos nose and those corners on his mouth that I like in a guy (think: mouth of David Duchovny). Yes, definite cuteness. As in totoy-cute. Which is my type. Hah! :P

Dino's nice to talk to, he makes funny comments and stuff. Aww, he was sooo adorable when he stepped on my toes and said sorry. Haha! :P

Dino Concepcion of Brownman Revival

Us with Brownman Revival

Dammit, I had to shampoo for 3 times and soap 3 times to get the weed/smoke stink out. Gaah. Oh well. That's a Xaymaca night-out for me!

Dino rocks. Yebbah. ;)


Abbie eXcites said...

Whoa! Nice outfit! Showing some skins, huh? :) *wink*

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

hehe! yeah! that's the only place where i'm comfy wearing sleeveless! it's hottt in therrrre ;)