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Monday, September 20, 2004

~* WHAT THE... *~

Have had the *freakiest* experience last Fri when my sis and I (along with Maggie, her British officemate) were at Xaymaca...

It was about twice that I noticed a camera flash going off just outside the bay window where we sat. I had a sneaking suspicion that some sicko was taking a snapshot of me from the outside but I just ignored it coz I was busy dancing and stuff. The second set of Brownman Revival has just ended so we sat down exhausted, slumped on our backs, I combed my hair and tidied up (I am inventing words here... hermm...) myself. And then I notice this guy right outside the bay window and he was like coming closer towards me (note: he is at the al fresco tables of the bar and I am inside the bar) so I kinda turned my back on the bay window... Lo and behold he freakin' knocks on the glass to catch my attention... so I turned to look at him and then, HELLOOOO, he jams a digicam on my face (well the bay window glass STILL between my face and his freakin' camera... anyhooo...)!!! And I'm like "WHAT DA F%$#?!? What is up with that?!?" So the moment I saw the digicam, I quickly turned away. And then, hellleeeerrr, my dear sister goes: "Be adventurous! Nakita ko itsura, cute naman sya ah!" Helleeeeerrr! I do not have plans on having my face turn up on some perv's porno site or whatever. I know it's such an extreme uber-paranoid-of-me scenario but hey, nowadays, you just never know what twisted thought is going on in the mind of a guy, whether he's a hottie or not. OK, but in fairness, yes, I saw how he looked... he is cute, sorta long hair, like a scruffier version of Paolo Paraiso (?)... something like that. But hello, if you are not some weirdo, you could at least go inside the bar and introduce yourself first! 'Last time I checked, jamming a digicam right smack on someone's face is NOT proper at all unless you're a paparazzi with a license to invade someone's personal space.

Twas so funny when I was recounting the story to Vic and Bianx during lunch time today. The moment it came to that part of the digicam-in-yer-face incident, both Bianx and I went: "WHAT THE...?!?!"

V. strange people out there. Really.

We're jammin'.