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Saturday, August 13, 2005


I was listening to Chico & Delamar's Top 10 Rejection Lines the other day and on #4 were:

"You know what, I'd love to... but you're too good for me."

Chico aptly said that it's probably "THE BIGGEST B.S.". Delamar thinks that it's like punishing someone for being good.

"You deserve somebody much better than me"

As Chico said, if you found somebody who's way too good for you, you'd hold on to them!


I can soooo relate. Grabeh.

Guys' feeling intimidated by me can be cute at a certain point (uhh maybe if we were still in high school?! duh. what, he has no spine nor balls at all?! for pete's sake, we're above-25 yrs old already! grow up! *rolls eyes*) but it's too bullcrap a reason to drop somebody-- ok fine, me -- like a hot potato just like THAT.

I mean, why do people say stuff like: gee, you're perfect/so beautiful/so mabait/smart/successful/you're god's answer to my prayers/lahat na nasa 'yo/.... aaaaaalll that B.S.... and then they suddenly disappear?!?! *poof*

I just can't get this hackneyed euphemism at all.

It's like, what, I deserve to be miserable like this because I am TOO good for you?!?! Wow. Gee. That's really logical.

I remember that line that Joey said to Pacey (Dawson's Creek) when Pacey was letting her go: "You break my heart into pieces and you say that this is for the best?"


Excuse me, it must be the rain. DQ mode! :P


ken2ts said...

pacey: "you're off the hook."

joey: "the last thing i need right now is to be off somebody's hook."

cue tears please.

tin said...

"you break my heart into pieces and you say that this is for the best?!?!?!?!?" EXACTO!

ivahlicious said...

i remembered those lines from dawson's creek. and i remember how they stung so much back then.

i've learned that if someone tells you you're too good for them, it is true. and it's actually better to let go since you know they can never handle whatever you can offer them. and it's just a total waste of time.

anne said...

I think I'm probably one of the few who don't watch Dawson's Creek. LOL. I stopped after the 1st season.

Anyway, my friend made the same stupid mistake. He went out with a really great girl for about 3 years in high school and then broke it off because "he didn't deserve her". Now, he admits that he's lonely and she's the only one who's been able to straighten him out. Since then, he's been getting into a lot of trouble. He didn't even go to college! I told him to get her back as she loved him very much! Unfortunately, she's engaged to another nice he's SOL...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

KIKO: naaaks, memorized! haha. i don't remember that line, i must've missed that episode.

TIN: DQ3 in the making! haha :P

IVAH: yeah, that's true. it sure hurts to let go but i guess that's the wise thing to do. the guy's insecurity will just be a potential problem in the future so if he totally doesn't have balls at all to handle you, yeah, might as well let him go...

ANNE: huwaaat?! the *kilig* factor of DC failed to hold your interest?! hehe :)

aww, that's such a sad story :( it's so, uhmm, michael-learns-to-rock-25-minutes-too-late kind of thing. sayang naman. (hiyuuuck, why am i even quoting michael learns to rock?! haha. baduuuuy ko. haha)

anne said...

Hoy! Rockstar: INXS na nman tonight for me! wOot! I've never been able to vote though...too lazy to log on kasi. :P

Abbie eXcites said...

"you break my heart into pieces and you say that this is for the best?!?!?!?!?"

Susme! Kasasabi ko lang nito sa LAST blog entry ko ah. Check the last line.