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Thursday, August 11, 2005

~* DARN IT! *~

Dang. Brandon got booted out of Rock Star INXS in tonight's show :( . He's not that super great but I soooo wanted Jessica to go. Grrr. After what she did yesterday in persisting on getting Come As You Are from JD ... Grrrr. As if singing Nirvana will keep her out of the bottom three *rolls eyes*. She said that Nirvana songs worked for Marty and Jordis (didn't get to see Marty's performance though) and she really needed the song to escape the dreaded bottom 3. Helloooo, Jessica tried to do growly/scream-o kind of singing but it just didn't fly. It sounded more like a country music yodel thingie. She didn't do justice on the Nirvana song. JD would probably have. I didn't get a chance to watch the early episodes of the show to know why people (like Mig) was having "problems" with JD. So right now I just like JD as he is -- the resident yum yum boy ;-). *LOL* So at that moment when JD and Jessica were battling for Come As You Are, JD just got exasperated with Jessica's stubborn selfishness and threw his hands in the air, saying something like: "You know what, do whatever you want, I don't care. I'll just take whatever is the song that nobody else wants!" And he walked out.

Anyway, guilty Mig ends up offering his song Crazy (Seal) to JD. Oh and he confessed to JD that he was the one who told the press people that JD was being a "problem". JD took it well and he said that it was OK, that Mig was just "being human", with matching elaboration with his tatooed forearms. Naaaks. They kinda hugged after making peace and suddenly I couldn't help but wonder if Mig was gay. The way he talked and hugged JD looked a bit hmm gay. Parang he looked kilig when they hugged. Hmmm.

JD is also just being human as much as everyone else competing in this contest.

Anyway, JD and Jordis (my top 2 faves) didn't do stellar performances yesterday. From yesterday's show, my faves were Suzie's Losing My Religion (which she re-arranged w/some help from JD's suggestions) and Marty's last-minute decision to go acoustic with Mr. Brightside. I tried to refuse to acknowledge it on account of the fact that he looks like that short guy from Just Shoot Me (David Spade!), but hey, Marty's acoustic performance and his scream-o voice sounded great. Ty's No Woman No Cry was good too but hmm, reggae on a rock show? *iffy*

Marty's acoustic performance. I swear he looks like David Spade.

Boo Jessica. Boo!!! I hope she DISAPPEARS next week.

Jessica sounds and looks like poo during the rehearsal when she shows up hung over from the previous night's party for Jordis' bday.


anne said...

Yay! Another Rockstar: INXS fan!! Jordis, JD, and MiG are my absolute favourites! But after finding out that MiG is filipino, I love him even more!

Marty's unplugged performance was great... but I was hoping for a full-blown concert. I love Mr. Brightside...probably more than their other songs...

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

yey!:) i thought i was the only one who's engrossed in Rock Star INXS ;-) goodie! at least some people can relate to my rock star ramblings here :P