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Monday, August 08, 2005


Gemini premiered on the radio stations last July 14 morning... by evening, it was a hot new entry at #6 in 99.5 RT's 10 Biggies daily countdown. By July 26, it debuted at #1 at RT's Top 40 weekend countdown. Amazing. It's still no. 1 nowadays over at RT...

I guess by now most people know what the song is talking about. *ehem* I like the lyrics and the melody... one feels the intense passion that the song speaks of...

words by yael yuzon

Come a little closer
Flicker in flight
We'll have about an inch space
But I'm here I can breathe in
What you breathe out

Let me know if I'm doing this right
Let me know if my grip's too tight
Let me know if I can stay all of my life
Let me know if dreams can come true
Let me know if this one's yours too

Cause I see it
And I feel it
Right here
And I feel you right here.

The vacuous night
Steps aside to give meaning
To Gemini's dreaming
The moon on its back
And the seemingly
Veiled room's lit
By the same star

And I feel it right here
And I feel you right here...


The Gemini video is actually a tie up with the Metropolitan Theater Guild's production of Romeo and Juliet (the play will run on Nov. 2005). Yael's older brother, Yanny (formerly with the Mongols; now in a new band called Pupil -- still with Ely Buendia) who appears in the video as Romeo will also be in the MET play. Marie Jamora directed the video. I think Marie's the same one who directed Imago's haunting Akap vid (the "spare tire" concept totally blew me away... astig. grabeh.)

To date, the Gemini vid is #6 in the OPM MYX Countdown. 'Not sure if it's also in the MTV countdown already...

this scene reminds me of the floating crosses onstage in the gemini vid...


~lizzie~ said...

wow, it's the first time i "saw" the lyrics of Gemini. astig! gosh...i liked the second stanza best. :)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

yeah, *wow* dba :) i like the "we'll have about an inch space but i'm here i can breathe in what you breathe out" part. oh and i also love "the vacuous night steps aside to give meaning to gemini's dreaming". big words! haha :P

ivahlicious said...

wow. i didn't know this was spongecola, for real. my boyfriend from the US made me listen to it and told me it was a Filipino song. he just didn't know the title so we couldn't find it. wow. i am sooo proud of this music. i love the way it was written.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

*gasp* i'm so out of the loop! u have a bf na? naaaks ;)

gemini's such a good song -- well-written lyrics, great melody & musical arrangement :) hey, if you totally love the song, get sponge cola's REPACKAGED "Palabas" album--the one with the Romeo & Juliet experience. There's a piano version of gemini there which just totally took my breath away the first time i played it. isang malaking *AWWWW* and *TRIPLE SIGH*.

buy it, buy it! hehe ;) i'm just letting this radio version of gemini run in my blog for one more week and then i'm gonna switch it to the *killer* piano version ;)

ivahlicious said...

hahaha... shameless plugging na ito! =) sure, will get a copy of it as soon as i find time to visit the mall ;)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

haha! but of course... i love these guys eh! ;) ya know me, once i get passionate about a certain artist(s)' music AND THEN they turn out to be nice people worthy of supporting, then i reaaaally do :)

so ummm... BUY BUY BUY the REPACKAGED PALABAS cd! hehe ;P

Lexie said...

after seeing the video of "gemini" thought "Wow... if there was really gonna be a play i wouldnt miss it for the world.." great post!