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Saturday, August 20, 2005


'Watched Must Love Dogs with Abbie and Charo last night @ ATC.

Funny, I was already on my way to Alabang from Makati when Abbie texted and asked if I really wanted to watch a movie or if we can just go coffee'ing... I replied: "I really wanna watch the movie!!!". Notice the three exclamation points. Haha. Abbie texted back,"okay, okay, okay!". I really wanted to watch the movie for I didn't have the patience to wait for it on DVD. I have been missing John Cusack's romantic comedies for the longest time (I think the last one was Serendipity?) so I *really* wanted to catch this movie. I am a sucker for John Cusack's signature roles of being a nervous/slightly neurotic/overly-analytical/intense/idealistic/quirky albeit irresistably charming (despite the wide forehead, i know. haha) hopeless romantic. In this movie, Diane Lane plays a similar role as her character in Under The Tuscan Sun. So umm, I can sorta relate with Diane's character. haha. Singletons have a right to be snappish. No one should dare argue this. Not even the chicken breast dude in the grocery ;P

The dogs in this movie("Mother Theresa" which was played by two similar-looking dogs and that dog that Cusack brought with him in the park... the one that "played dead" sooo well.) were sooo adorable that I sometimes wish I could have a *really clean* pet dog which I can lounge with inside our house. But geez, what we have is an adorable pregnant pitbull right now :P

So heyyy, John Cusack IS getting old na:( After years of looking as eternally youthful as he was in Say Anything, his age is really starting to get the best of him. He has ummm... turned quite noticeably chubby and his eyebags and wrinkles are showing on some badly-lit angles. But nevertheless, that signature way he sideglances and his cute small mouth still works like a charm;)

I kept noticing how nice and unique Diane Lane's necklaces were: that one with a gold/bronze chain and a 3-charm pendant [a star and two more abstract-shaped charms], the one with various tiny precious stones running the whole length of the necklace and that last one she wore... it was some sort of a reddish shade of tiny stones and a silver pendant.

My fave scene was the whole crazy mad hunt for the condom. Haha. That was insanely funny!

Anyway, as for the memorable quote, Cusack's character said something about the heart expanding... enabling it to have a bigger capacity to love after it gets BADLY broken. Something like that... I tried to search for the verbatim quote but since it's still a relatively new release, there's still nothing listed in the "quotes" section of the movie in IMDb :(


ivahlicious said...

i went to watch this movie last thursday with my fave gay friend who was so depressed about not having a love life, wrong move! hahaha! but nevertheless, this was one of those movies that i'd watch any time... diane lane is gorgeous. john cusack? hmmm... i keep noticing his beer belly eh! pero dermot mulroney was old. i dunno if they made him like that or hes really getting old na talaga. he looked so different in mbfw! =)

yung chicken breast scene sa grocery, reminds me so much of 2 weeks notice when sandra bullock would always order for one, then in the end, for two na... *awwww*

btw, i love that quote too. the heart has more capacity to love once it gets hurt. not verbatim, but the same thought.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

geez, i just remembered that *hot* gay guy in the movie. haha.

yeah, john cusack's not-so-great-bod was disguised w/ all those layering they did with his outfits. i'm surprised that dermot's got white hair na? dunno if that was just for the movie or if that's really how he is na now. hmmm.