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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Wow. Our dear pitbull Kikay is now a mommy! I remember those days when she was a cute puppy herself... she won her very first dog show! And I remember those pictures I posted of her having her bath. :)

Yesterday morning, I took pictures of the *very pregnant* Kikay... Her tummy was sooo big and her udder (I'd like to call it her cow-boobs :P ) looked like it was about to burst with milk. Here are her adorable snapshots:

this was actually my first shot and my most favorite of all the pictures i took of her

more of Kikay's adorable sweet self
(a bit of a pornstar, i guess... with all that flashing of her pink cow-boobs*lol* )

All of us in the house were looking forward to her giving birth for the past few days since she was already a bit overdue. Finally, around 12:30am Sunday, she gave birth to her first pup. Our househelp, my mom and my dad pretty much stayed up til the wee hours of the morning to witness the momentous event. I, on the other hand, slept throughout her approx. 6hrs. birthing process because it was already 1:30AM and so far, there was only one puppy born. The 12th pup was born around 6AM. This was Kikay's first pregnancy. One of the pups was born underdeveloped and Kikay uhh ate it (yes, you can faint right about now...). The other one died shortly after it was born/was dead when it was born. There were 10 pups when I woke up today but by mid-afternoon, we found one cold and dead :( . So we're down to 9 pups now. But of the nine, I fear that 2 of 'em might die eventually-- one was a miracle baby coz when Kikay chewed off its umbilical cord, the rest of its insides were umm drawn out. So now it has part of its reddish insides kinda hanging out of its belly (umm, you can faint again right about now...). We call that pup "si Bituka" because of it. Another one is this pup we call "si Tigas" (I said, I'll name it "Astig" if it manages to live, hehe) coz when we cradled it on our hands and whenever we lift it, its body was just really stiff like it was dead, but it was still very much alive though.

Okay, here are the cutesy pictures of Kikay's cuddly litter...

cute cute pitbull puppies with pink eyelids, pink ears, tiny pink noses and pink paws *awww*

more cuteness...


ivahlicious said...

awwwwwwww.... she's the first pitbull i saw that doesn't look scary... hehehe... yep, she is adorable! ;)

nina said...

omg they're so adorable!

nina said...

one more thing...

grabe na yung yael issues sa ml. haayyy. medyo naawa naman ako. from what i've lang daw sya. and syempre chika pa din yun. still not confirmed. medyo nagdadalawang isip ako dun sa mga sinabi ko before. haayyy kase naman medyo nakakausap ko na sila lately. i think they're ok naman. ha! so i have to find out for myself if the issues are true or not!

nina said...

anyway if the issues are true...what the heck! di naman nakakaaffect sa music! hahaha

you should read armo's post sa we_hate_cueshe mailing list! omg. nag-iba tinggin ko sa sponge. pero in a good way ha!? astig si armo sobra...

Yan said...

Aww...cute puppies! Aww aww aww..congrats to Kikay !!'s quite common for a mom dog to eat their own litter when it's underdeveloped. Some animal behaviorist believes that the mom dog wants to bring back her child back to life by doing so and hope to give birth to it again soon. Dunno if it's true though..hee hee hee.

Sorry to hear about Bituka..sayang naman. The only way to fix the pup is thru surgery to bring the insides back inside. However, the procedure i think is not only expensive, the chance of survival is also very slim.:( .

Oh well..i have always lurk your blog..hee hee..finally have a chance to comment..i simply can't resist dog pictures..*lame as ever...hee hee hee..*

Crossing all fingers and paws for Tigas..*hopefully he survives !! *


~*lilacstardust*~ said...

NINA: o nga eh. saw my post? OA na kasi yung issues eh dba? nakakaawa na talaga si yael. sobrang *personal* attack na yung ginawa sa kanya. fine, isang malaking SAYANG if he's gay or if he swings both ways or kung ano pa man ang chismis. pero that would not change his exceptional musical talent ;-) so gooo SC pa rin! :)

yeah i remembered what u mentioned before ;) but i did not let that affect me when i was just starting to like SC. well so far, i havent seen anything wrong with the guys' personalities/dealings with fans. i even think that yael actually has a good head on his shoulders. hopefully he does lives by what he preaches;-)

wow. i joined that group just to see what you were talking about. WOW. armo's post does make a lot of sense. at marunong pala syang magtagalog ng ganun? hehe. naks.

yeah. it is a good thing na these guys, aside from their musical talents, have such level of intelligence and admirable beliefs/opinion that reflects how they really are as a person and not just some band dude you hear on the radio ;)

ok toh. puppies na post pero about SC! hehehe :)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

IVAH: yeah, our Kikay is such a sweet-looking pitbull :) totally non-scary, hehe.

YAN: we're now left with 6 puppies. Bituka and Tigas died rin after a few days :( Another one died too...

Oooh so you've been lurking here?! well it's great that you've posted a comment :) I loooove getting comments on my posts so feel free to post whatever's on your mind :)