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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

~* BLAH *~

I will just ramble. Indulge me.

* God bless America. I wonder who will win? Is the Farenheit 9/11 conspiracy theory true? (About the Ladens and the Bushes...) I have yet to see the flick. I will grab one from MCS one of these days...

* I suddenly feel lost. I was wandering aimlessly (well not really... I was going to get lunch at Burger King) at Glorietta during lunch break and I was like: Why the f am I here? What's in store for me? When will I be next? When will it be me? What will I do tomorrow? Will I ever be happy as in HAPPY?

* (sing) It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... AND IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. gaaaah.

* Must schedule Christmas shopping. The thing is, when you grow older, you gain more friends, more godchildren... therefore, loooonger Christmas list.

* HAHA. I just remembered a Chico & Delamar Morning Rush Top 10 entry. One of the top 10 things to say to somebody who greets you "Merry Christmas" as early as Sept... "Pwede ba, dun sa mga bimpo lang ang kayang ibigay sa pasko, WAG MASYADONG EXCITED! OA eh!" *rotfl*:P

* I wonder how many scented candles, weird body splashes/colognes, scented soaps, body scrubs, body bath and other fragrant girly stuff will I get this Christmas? Don't get me wrong, it's not so bad to get stuff like these but I gotta admit, some stuff are just not my taste.... Better to give 'em away than to let it sit at the top of the shelf till it dies a "natural death" due to excessive dust and heat.

* I wonder which ones of my "what-the-hell-will-i-do-with-this" gifts shall I give to my mom for recycling?

* God forbid that I give my REAL friends(as in super close, true true friends) something that they wouldn't know what the hell to do with either.

* How much bonus will I get this year? I sooo want to upgrade my beloved PC. It's almost bursting to seams-- errr, screws rather-- with giga-loads of mp3s and videos and pictures. Oh and I want a DVD ROM so I can watch my DVDs in peace. Imagine, I was watching Before Sunset and my dad goes: "Ano ba yan, puro talkies!" HELLLEEERRR?!Edi wag kayang panoodin! Who said I was forcing him to watch Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy have intellectual intercourse for almost 1.5 freakin' hours?!

* I am suddenly sick of the I love you-I love you-I love you song. Like it's mocking me. I am choosing among these: The Scientist (Coldplay), Listen (Stonefree), Shiny Red Balloon (Barbie's Cradle), It Ain't Over til It's Over (Lenny Kravitz), Soon (Moonpools and Caterpillars), Buses and Trains (Bachelor Girl), Landslide (Smashing Pumpkins), Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley), Drops of Jupiter (Train)... Ahhh, this is insane.

* The nearing Christmas will make me insane. It's not my best time of the year. Neither is Feb.

* Must make preventive measures. Must distract self. As Dogbert tells Dilbert: "The key to happiness is self-delusion."

* Do I go BMR or do I go back to my beloved Fellas? Awww, I miss the *mwah*hugz* :( I sooo wanna watch one of the fellas' gigs soon :(

* I miss late Saturday night movies + Petron Starbucks/McDo.

* Luke Mejares has made a lousy sacrilege-ish version of 214 originally by the first generation of Rivermaya. AM I FLIP? Speaking of... I wonder if my name is still "214" on his freakin phone book... He is "~3" on mine. It's actually because it was his third number that he stuck with. But then I realize, is he MISTAKE NUMBER THREE? Ahh. The one who broke my heart the baddest will be the only one who will make me happy. Sh*t. Ain't that *ughhhh*. Pangeeeet.

* Must distract self.

* Things that make me go "hmmm...".

* Do people now pseudo-judge other people whom they don't personally know based on their Friendster testimonials and the words they publish on the www? Then thank God only a privileged few get to read my quasi-secret bloggie. Ahhh, "Friends Only" is Tabulas' greatest gift to blabby netizens.

* I am sooo itching to get a CD at Tower or shop for a new bag or hunt for that elusive perfect white strappy sandals BUT I must save. Christmas is just around the corner.

* Hayyy. I suddenly want to see Barbie's Cradle perform live. They did an awesome E'heads cover last MTV Pilipinas awards. Parang I suddenly need to be in the presence of Barbie Almabis' angelic warm fuzzy aura again. I swear, you'll just get drawn to her. She's like this fuzzy ball of blessed light or sumthin. Such a blessed soul.

* I suddenly feel blah. Who sucked out the feeling?


Anonymous said...

Hay sis! We really have to hang out more aside from our reggae nights... or at least have coffee at G3... or choco at Max B, hehe... andito lang ako when you feel lonely or when you just wanna talk. I am really glad nagbo-bonding tayo kahit papano...

The 4th from the last ramble, patama ba yan kay ...??? hehehe - Ate