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Saturday, November 13, 2004


Quite an unusual reggae night at Xaymaca yesterday.

UNUSUAL #1: Yahoo! It's a miracle! There's flush na in Xaymaca's rest room! :P Isn't that heaven? Hehe. I dunno since when they finally had this flash (no pun intended :P) of realization that they direly need to have their plumbing done. It's about time!

UNUSUAL #2: Funny how it took me probably 30 minutes before I realized that it was Kat De Castro et al. who were occupying the table beside ours! I saw kasi this dude clad in black security uniform and I wondered out loud to my sis "Hmm, sino kayang VIP ang nandito... ba't may security?" Even funnier how it wasn't top-of-mind for me to tag her as the daughter of THE Vice President of the Phils.!:P I was more like, ya know, ahh she's the daughter of Noli De Castro the journalist/reporter dba? It totally skipped my mind that he IS the freakin' VP of GMA. *toinks self* (DOI!) I was even trying to recall (and asked myself) if I voted for him last election. So anyway, she was seated right beside me. She was with her husband Eric and some dude who looked familiar (must be a reporter). During the first set of Brownman Revival, their presence was acknowledged. Even had some songs dedicated to them. With Xaymaca's bouncer blocking off the side near the entrance and two more security dudes stationed near their table, our area was pretty much amiss of the frenzied reggae-dancing, hip-swaying denizens. So we were like: ooookaaaaay. ummm, are we allowed to stand up and dance or not? So anyway, after warming up, we were like, oh what the heck, let's freakin stand up and dance! I, for that matter, felt a bit self-conscious dancing since there were no crowd in front of me to "cover" me up. Ahh well, after the San Mig Light kicked in, I loosened up a bit na.

It was quite "back to normal" come second set of BMR since there were at least more dancing people in front of our table and everybody stepped up the cushioned bench-- I was on the chair this time since it was kinda crowded na on the bench. Hmm, nice to have that little platform all to myself although half the time I was conscious not to sway or jump too much for fear of being caught off-balance. It was NOT on my to-do list to "dive" on the table. It was pleasing to see that even Kat and Eric were dancing on top of their cushioned bench too. I'm relieved to know that she is, after all, as human as the rest of us. They had monopoly though of the most wanted electric fan. Everywhere they went--on top of the bench dancing, sitting down, in front of their table--the electric fan was faithfully aimed at them by an ever-alert bouncer. Oh well. Cold air is a precious commodity for the privileged few ;)

UNUSUAL #3: Such a fun night too for meeting new friendly people :) My sister met Ek last week but it was my first time to speak with her last night. It was basically a night with the BMR dude's S.O.s... Ek is the gf of Jao (bass), Claire is with Dennis (drums) and Lizzie is with Dino (vocals). It was nice to find out that they are nice, outgoing, friendly people to hang out with :) Abbie was with her siblings plus another friend.

What's a fun night without pictures , roooight?!

L to R: Abbie, me, Claire, my sis, Ek and Lizzie

Abbie, me and Claire

L to R: Claire, Lizzie, me, my sis and Ek
*FORCES girls: comment on my Tabulas, okei? ;)