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Sunday, February 29, 2004


'Was at the dog show all afternoon. We decided to enter our 3-mo. pup Kikay in her very first dog show. It was organized by the United Pitbull Club (San Pedro Laguna chapter).

Long story about her name. Geez, I don't like it that much but hey, she's got recall among the audience! Originally, I wanted to call her Kahlua. Kewlness, right? Well my parents didn't think so. So okay, I said Kelly then -- after Kelly Osbourne coz she's a tough chick right? But she didn't quite respond to the name. I think twas my sis who came up with Kikay coz she has this cute eyeshadow-eyeliner thing going on with her eyes. I said, why not Cleo then, as in Cleopatra? Oh well, she didn't respond to it either. She liked being called Kikay. Her ears would perk up when we'd call her that. So Kikay it is!

So there we were, goin on the 10-min. drive to the contest venue. Half-way through the ride, she did what I feared she would. She pooped, man! She pooped inside the car! Well she was in her cage but then, you know how dogshit smells when they're on dog food and milk. REEKING is the word! We rolled down our windows but it really smelled super funky that I swear I was almost gagging! I was already putting an inch of my face out the window coz it really really smelled gross. Gaaaah!

Oh but she won, she won!!! We were so estatic coz it was her first try and she won first prize in female pup (3-6 mos.) category! She bested the other ten or so she-pups!!! I thought she was just gonna get at least a 3rd place coz one of the judges commented that she was a little too plump! And then, she was pitted against the male pup winner for the Best Showdog - Pup Category... (the male was really nice, it had a blue coat; Kikay's color is called "fawn", I think...) and she won again! Wooohooo! All her crapping in the car was well worth it! Our maid (the official yaya), me (the official photographer), my sis (the official handler) and Dad (the official financier) were really happy and proud of our dear baby Kikay!

Here are her pictures:

*Her daddy Anselmo also competed in the male adult category and he won too! Her mommy Dagger also competed, I think but she didn't win though.

#1! KIKAY'S WINNING FORM! Here are her two plaques (which look like sizzling plates, by the way! *teehee*) from the United Pitbull Club. The bigger one was for the Best Showdog - Pup category.

I realized that the next time I go to a dog show, I shouldn't waste my time taking a bath first. Haha. The moment we got there it smelled like dogs, dogs, dogs! And since I was petting Kikay and the rest of the dogs, plus since it was kinda hot out there, I was quite doggish-smelling and dirty. I'm a germophobic freako but there was no place to wash your hands there. It seemed that putting alcohol or hand sanitizer would only spread the dog smell and dirt more so I did not bother with it. I have never been that dirty EVER! I was touching the dogs all the time. Plus her saliva was all over my pants and arms too. I felt really eww-y about it but oh well, I'm still alive... And I smell of Body Shop grapefruit body wash now ; )