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Sunday, March 28, 2004


'Came from Aga & Jovan's wedding. Twas wonderful from the church rites (Christ the King, QC) to the reception (Shangri-La, Makati). Oooh, they were soooo cute to watch! Kakakilig! It's so nice to see them getting married especially since both of them have been my friends since college.

The bridal procession was to the tune of Nyoy's "You're my You". The first few lines pa lang... "Every Romeo has its Juliet..." I had goosebumps na! Aga looked very elegant in her wedding gown. Jovan was dashing in his suit.

I did the first reading. Gaah. Buti na lang di ako na "P" and "F" syndrome! But the photographer whose zoom lens was right smack at my face kinda distracted me while I read. I almost lost my concentration coz super click to the max nya yung naririnig ko in front of me. Gaah.

They showed the photographs they took from the church ceremony at the reception. Everything was elegantly captured. Beautiful! Aga: My fave solo shot of yours was that one inside the bridal car. And then, fave shot of you & Jovan, the close-up shot wherein you guys were like looking back at the photographer. 'Cute nyo dun ni Jovan!

The "surprise" video we did was aired during dinner, right after the footage of Aga & Jovan who narrated their love story. Hehehe, the newly-married couple was pleasantly surprised! The video turned out great, it was edited well. I enjoyed watching the part with the "Friends" theme song wherein we did crazy poses ala stop-motion camera effect. Kengkoy talaga!

Hey Aga, southern gal ka naaaa! Let's meet up minsan sa ATC ha?! Hey I'll give you pa the CD of the bridal shower pix (I also promised Marissa her copy too...). Hey patingin rin ng wedding album nyo when it's done! May electronic copy ba ng pix? Pa-email ng shot natin nila Jovan, Rose, She, Annray and Cheng ha?! Thanks!

Wow! My friends are married na! Wow talaga! To Aga & Jovan, I wish you guys all the best! I know you guys will have such a wonderful, blessed married life! Oh Aga, have you read na the book we gave you? Bilis!!! Gawa na kyo ng bouncing babies!!! ;) Isang mini-Jovs at isang mini-Aga! ;) I luuuuv you guys! *hugz*hugz* Congratulations!!!

Here are our pictures... Twas nice to see AnnRay and She again! Finally, Aga, Rose, She, Ann and I were together in one room again! I miss my gal pals so much! Arle, Marissa, Cheng and Butch also posed with us...