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Saturday, March 06, 2004


So it turned out that the album launch at Dish was actually for the press peeps. I realized this when I saw an MTV crew a bit ahead of me on the escalator.

I ALMOST wasn't gonna be there at all (something seems grammatically wrong here but I can't think of grammar-check anymore... for pete's sake, it's 3AM now!). I was close to barfing at LukYuen when I went there to have some soup coz I was really uber-nauseous na. I just wasted a hundred bucks coz I hardly touched the beef brisket noodle thing I ordered. I was trying to call Charo already and was gonna tell her that I was going home na lang but then I couldn't reach her coz she's still in the batcave of St. Luke's *teehee* where there was no cell signal. Well I didn't wanna "abandon" her and have her go home by herself. After all, she said the day before that she was not gonna go to Dish if I didn't go. Well I did not want her to miss it just because I was too lazy to go (it was on a Thursday and I felt I'd be too tired for work the next day so I was gonna skip that gig sana...). So it was 7:30 pm already. I was still in LukYuen Glorietta feeling like I was gonna faint or barf any moment. Reservations at Dish was good only til 7:45pm so I told Tere and Glenda to take na my reserved table. Thoughts were racing in my nauseous mind: if I went to Dish feeling sick like that, I might just throw up there and it would really be embarrassing! ewwww! Or if I managed to hold it all up, I was thinking I might throw up in Tere's car which would really be nakakahiya dba! I'd mess up her SUV! Gaaah. So anyway, since I couldn't reach Charo to call the whole thing off, I bravely decided to still go to Power Plant. But I passed by Starbucks 6750 first to get myself a Tazo Hot Tea and a slice of banana cake ( I was still very hungry but I couldn't eat much at all coz I was afraid I'd just barf it out).

So I arrived at Dish and I saw Tere, Teena, Glenda and June there. Rommel and Ienne arrived in a short while. Tere was so thoughtful/sweet and lived up to her AKAdoctor title.... she handed me some Plasil and Bonamine. (*mwah Tere!*) I was touched by how sweet Ikey was... before the show, he came up to our table and beso'ed each of us. Awww, how sweet naman. Charo and her friends from St. Luke (the guy had the hots for Robi. *teehee*) arrived around 9ish.

I didn't take much pics when they were performing coz my hands were trembling and a couple of my pics were already blurry from camera shake. So I took vids, vids and more vids instead! It was refreshing to hear them sing September. (Alleluia, a new song in their repertoire at last!!!) Oh by the way, while people were waiting for the show to start, we all got OD'd by the Bongga Ka Day audio and video. "HALA!" was swimming in my dizzy mind...

And whoa. Myke was actually shirtless under his denim jacket. We had a sneak peek of his ripped pandesals! Super pang Mossimo bikini contest na talaga his look. *teehee* While they were performing, I told June "June, can you shout "SKIN" for me please?!" since I was still feeling nauseous that time (They were shouting "skin, skin!" as in show some skin to myke. hahaha) Oh and his hair was super flat. Haha, when he was looking at all the pics in my cam (Wow, ang daming picture ah!), I told him "Ang ganda ng hair natin ngayon ah... flat na flat!". So anyway, he was asking me about my digicam, the price, discounts, etc. When I told him the price of my cam, he asked "May mas bano pa ba dito?" Hahah. I recommended the CX6200 to him. I told him that it was just P7,900. Aba, humihingi ng discount! P5000 or P6000 na lang ba daw? Wehehe. I gave him my business card na lang in case he really wanted to make pabili through me. Same with Robi. He was asking if I could get him a discount on the cams so I gave him my business card too. Gaaah. Too bad it's not within my powers to give them like 50% off. Hahaha. Too bad.

I had two cups of Tazo hot tea then but I still wasn't feeling dandy at all. The medicine was not yet taking effect on me.

The fellas had their signing by the entrance of Dish. Took a lot of pics especially since Reubs (and even Robi and Ikey) was telling us to take pictures of them in those weird/kooky/"emote to the max" poses. Hmm, I realized si Karl is also tipid mag smile. And oh, for the record, I liked Paulo Nav's outfit that day. He looked really spiffy with that blue-colored ensemble... I told him I loved his tie. Winner!

June and Rommel was asking me once in a while if I was already feeling better. I said I needed three things so I would feel better. Oh but I only had 1 out of 3. Had my dose of hug from huggy-wuggy Robi. *YEY* The other two "cures" are, uhmm, quite unachieveable *teehee*. And I might get harrassment cases from the 2 so nevermind....

After the gig, we hung out in Starbucks. Had my THIRD cup of Tazo Hot Tea there. There was no need to explain why I kept going in the restroom to pee. Haha.

Tere had offered us a ride the night before, so there. Charo and I (and Rommel) hitched with Tere on the way home. Thanks AKAdoctor Tere!

Twas really a fun night despite the fact that I wasn't feeling well. Oooh, and there's one more thing that made me grateful that I didn't skip that gig. Oh thank God I didn't skip that gig!

Ok. I'll sleep now. It's almost 4am. Gaaaah.