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Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Hmmm. Haven't been online much this past week. It's coz two Mondays ago, I woke up feeling nauseous. No joke, my head was spinning as I stood up from the bed. I was thinking that I had been having too many late nights around that time (i.e. being online forever til like 1am and then waking up at 5:30am for work, then, staying up late for the Incubus gig, then waking up early to go to Aga's bridal shower and then staying up late and then waking up early the next day... yeah, you pretty much get the drift...) So I thought I might be anemic na or maybe I just need more sleep. So there. Slept early every night. Controlled myself and didn't go online during weeknights. Well it kinda worked. I didn't feel nauseous anymore. Oh plus, it's Salary Increase-approval time... kelangang magpaganda sa boss! I've been coming to work 9ish lately (our official time is 8am! Although flexi-time naman... but still...) so I decided to quit being late and come to work on time for a change!

I missed out on so much stuff on the AKAfellas forum! I was like whoa, it's green now! (Nice, nice, nice Lucy-girl!) And it has a nice Akafellas logo (which was made by Robi daw accdg. to Lucy...)


Weee. I'm excited about getting a new phone! The company's changing our handsets now. On impulse, I wanted to get the Nokia 6600. I actually decided that I will definitely upgrade (which would mean I'd have to pay the difference in the cost) coz the model that would come in free for me is that helluva nokia 1100 or somethin. What the heck would I do with a flash light fone thing which looks like a laundry bar? Gaaah. It's sooo not stylish at all. Since I didn't touch most of my bonus money, I decided to kinda splurge on this fone thing. I was originally about to buy myself a DVD-ROM (so I won't have to watch DVD in my parent's room), a new ass-kicking scanner to replace my stupid malfunctioning Genius scanner and more memory for my mp3s and movs. And I also wanted to buy a Kenneth Cole Reaction watch. Oh but these are all out the window... I'm willing to splurge on my mobile fone this time. But I was thinking... I was most definitely gonna shell out something like 15 to 20 grand for the upgrade... the 6600 is quite expensive... and for 20 grand, there's not even an FM radio! Good lord! I don't need the freakin' high-tech camera and video capture anyway coz I already have a digicam which offers way better resolution. I'm okay with basic camera and video features. No need for the whole shebang. I'm such a music person that all that's important to me is the tones. I wanted the music features of the 3300 but it's such an old model and it looks quite weird to me. So anyway, the model that I super want is the Nokia 6230 which is not yet out in the market. The Nokia peeps say it'll be launched this Q2. It's got FM radio and mp3 and I can personalize my ringtone with that mp3 feature. And then jpegs for wallpaper. There. That's all I want in a phone. And the 6230 perfectly fits my needs. Hmmm. Haven't heard from Purchasing though, as to how much I have to shell out, if I can wait up for it and when it will actually be available. Gaaah. I'm so freakin' excited already. C'mon Nokia and Globe, ship it in already!!!


I was watching the news while I was eating dinner. These baranggay tanods were chasing this "suspected" call boy. When they caught up with him, the call boy says:"Eh pano naman ako di tatakbo, eh tinatawag nyo ko eh (presumably when he was asked why he ran... fleeing=guilty). Wow, anlabo mo dude! Pag ikaw ba tinatawag ka, edi lalapit ka diba and hindi ka tatakbo?! Hay, what a lame excuse. Crazy dude!


I remembered this funny vignette when I saw Dominic Ochoa asking these Star Search (?) kids some questions. The kids had such funny answers. So anyway, one time, we were in the car with my nephew and over the radio there was this news about a landslide in Visayas. So I was testing the knowledge of my 8 yr old pamangkin... I asked him: "Bakit ba nagkakaroon ng landslide?" He answers: "Pag may erosion." "Eh bakit may erosion?" I asked again. He replied oh-so-seriously: "Eh kasi pag may nag yoooodelaheehoo dun..." I was laughing so hard when I heard that! He was probably watching too much cartoons. Yooodelaheehoo daw. Ahahahahaha! Kids talaga! That story always makes me smile when I remember it.


Teehee. I opened my Friendster the other day and there's this guy who message'd me and asked if I happen to teach Adobo Photoshop. He saw my profile pics daw kasi and was asking how I did those. Me? Teach Adobe Photoshop?! I said I just self-studied Photoshop actually but I kidded him that I'd be happy to make him a profile pic for a fee. Haha. I'd be happy with a P500 GC from Tower Records. *teehee*


I was shopping for strapless brassiere and I wanted to get this Wacoal strapless bra that you could actually wear under a see-through blouse or something. But good gawd, it's like freakin' P1,200! WTF is that all about?! I can already buy a basic tee from Mango with that amount! And helloooo, as if I was blessed with abundant precious boobies that would "maximize" all that pesos worth of pads, silk and lycra (uhmm, is that what it's made of? oh anyway, it's beside the point...) I can take 7ish, 8ish or even 9ish hundred. I have bought Wacoals that cost that much. But one thousand freakin plus pesos?!? Quite insane when you don't even have much boobs anyway! So well anyway, I settled for Triumph. I shall purchase that coveted Wacoal when my colleagues go to Bangkok. Wacoal is so cheap there daw. I'll just wait for that.


I am part of the office's Health & Safety committee. So we were checking fire alarms, fire exits and stuff this morning. And then people emailed their comments/findings about the inspection. I read this hilariously-worded (but true) comment: The fire alarm does not sound alarming at all. Teehee. Funny but true! The alarm sounded faint in some areas of the office. And it was not this shrill, urgent-sounding alarm... twas more like "Woohoo it's recess time" kind of alarm. So yeah. It was not really that alarming at all nga naman!


Gaaah. I officially have a crush from, uhhh, somewhere! Haha. Last time I checked his Friendster, he uploaded his Jose Rizal-ish-looking formal pic. Wahaha. Oh good gawd he's dark-skinned (just like ITY)! Man, am I back to liking tanned dudes now? Hmmm. I dunno if he reads my blog. Probably not. Guys are not into blogging anyway. But anyway, just in case he's not a typical guy, I shall speak in somewhat general terms when I talk about him here. Yuck, baduy. Stupid love. Gaaah. But I'm liking every minute of it. Hmmm. When you're infatuated, proximity is good. And oh I likey-likey the lil touchy-tochies. Hmmm. Sugar-rush. Hay, he's so lambing. Oh but he misspelled a cappella in his profile. Oooh, I am sooo itching to correct it! But *sob*sob* he's "in a relationship". Dang. I thought they broke up already. Oh well. A crush is still a crush anyway. Ahhh. This should be fun! One of these days I'll blog my quasi-analysis of him based on the modern stalker's tool... Friendster! Too bad he's not on myspace. I am probably freaking you out now with my weird plan so I am gonna stop now and blog some other time.