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Sunday, March 14, 2004


Rose and I went to oh-so-far-away Binondo at Marissa's house yesterday for Aga's surprise bridal shower. Earlier, our college guy friends hung out for a while. (They left with the groom-to-be for their stag party). Gosh, I sooo miss college life! I miss MonTy's asars. The guys were my group mates in most of our projects. Candz, Tuesday, Kring and Aga's mom and aunties were also there. Gaah. We did not have a macho dancer although Felix (Marissa's younger bro) was more than willing to dance. Ahahahah!

We had a contest on bridal gowns made of tissue papers. I ended up looking like a bride who was "on the way" coz my tummy was bulging. Wahahah. I told them to put more tissue on my chest area so that I won't end up having a tummy which was bigger than my boobs. Ahahaha. We had charades wherein Aga acted out everything. Wow, I can't believe I was able to guess words like "69" and "vibrator". *Teehee* 'Just goes to show how UNinnocent I was! Last game was "Make the Perfect D*ck". My team mate and I were both virgins (the others have married aunts as team mate) so we ended up with a mushroom-looking d*ck. After all, our knowledge were all theoretical! Our "Virgin's D*ck" won "The Worst-Looking D*ck". Hahaha.

We gave Aga a book as a gift. "How to be a Great Lover" by John Gray (the author of the Mars and Venus series). I remember hunting for Aga's gift... I first went to National Bookstore to look for "Sex for Dummies" that my officemate suggested for me to buy. I was too shy to ask the salesladies like "Miss, where are your copies of Sex for Dummies?" Gaah. That'd be hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. So I went through all the rows of shelves to look for it. But alas, I couldn't find it. I proceeded at Powerbooks in Tower Records Glorietta and met up with Rose there. A lot of interesting books were there: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Seduction, The Big "O", Kama Sutra Illustrated.... Very entertaining! I was gonna buy the 'Guide to Seduction if only it weren't a tattered and soiled (last) copy. Dang, I think I need that book! Hahaha.

So anyway... Here are our crazy snapshots: