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Saturday, March 13, 2004


To see you when I wake up is a gift I didn't think could be real
To know that you feel the same is a three-fold utopian dream
You do something to me that I can't explain
So would I be out of line if I said, I miss you?

~ I Miss You, Incubus

Okay. Here's the kwento...

I could hardly sleep last Thursday. By Friday morning, I was floating and spaced out at work. Both Charo and I had upset stomachs earlier in the day -- I surmise it's out of our extreme, unfathomable excitement over the Incubus gig that was about to happen later that night. Hahaha.

I had already thought up an intricate plan on how to puslit my digicam inside the venue. I had a total of 3 cams in my bag. An advantix which is my "dummy cam" for surrendering to the gate guards. Then my 3MP, 3X optical zoom digicam (the one I usually bring in the Akafellas gigs) "hidden" inside my kikay kit. And finally, the ultimate kick-ass gadget, the 4MP 10X OPTICAL zoom *woohoo* perfect for zooming in on Brandon Boyd's abs. I buried it at the bottom of my backpack.

At the premiere ticket-holders' entrance, they didn't want to let us in unless I left the Advantix cam outside the venue. I said we didn't have a car, we rode a cab. What do you want me to do, leave my camera on the sidewalk? Well they said there was a depository on the other gate so we proceeded there. In total, we had to go through 4 different bag inspections that night. I sorta volunteered info that I have a camera (the advantix) and I kept asking where I should deposit it. The dude was almost gonna see my digicam inside my kikay kit. He opened it and he asked "Ano 'to?" I said in an oh-so-innocent voice "Kikay kit po." I sorta wrapped my digicam in tissue paper so thank God he did not make super bulatlat my stuff. The 10X zoom cam was wrapped twice in a plastic bag. He did not bother to check what was in it. Well anyway, in the final bag inspection we had to go through, they just made me leave my bottled water. My Advantix seemed totally non-threatening, soooo analog and low-tech that they said it was OK for me to bring it in. Haha. I was cheering deep inside. *evil grin* *i took vids and pics!*

Incubus went onstage by 9ish pm. They didn't even have a front act. No need though. The 2K ticket area was fairly peaceful. I was amongst tweetums conio kids so it was not scary at all. And to think my boss was scared that there'd be a stampede! Stargazing: Angel Aquino with a young college-looking guy whom I conclude is her boyfriend (but I could've sworn they said she was a lesbian!), Ryan Eigenman and gf, Mark Escueta (drummer) and this other dude from Rivermaya with their respective gfs.

Opening song: Megalomaniac. They also sang Wish You Were Here, Here in My Room, Certain Shade of Green, Drive, Talk Show on Mute, Clean, Consequence... Grrr, they did not perform Stellar, Echo and I Miss You. Last three songs were Are You In?, *another one I can't remember* and Pardon Me.

Some time after 30 mins. or so, Brandon Boyd took off his shirt and revealed his oh-so-deeeleeeesh bod. Gaaah. *drool*scream*shriek*faint* His legendary flat abs are still there. *sigh* All the ladies were in throes of ecstacy *wink,wink* And he made his trademark funky sways/dance moves. He closed his eyes while singing. Ooohlala.*screams some more* Haha. I vividly remember his voice saying "SALAH-mat!" (wrong but cute accent). And he called the audience "boys and girls" Hahaha. He said somebody threw an empty wallet at the stage. A wallet which didn't have any identification but had something like 50 cents in it.

Brandon Boyd sang, played the guitar, the djembe and those tiny shake-shake egg thingies. That new bassist... Ben Kenney had a solo... he was the birthday boy of the night. Mike Einziger... all I can remember is his big blonde curly hair. DJ Kilmore, I didn't get a good look at him. Adorable Jose Pasillas was quite far up on the left side and was sorta buried in his drum set so I didn't get to see how chubby he was.

Gaah. I think Brandon threw the white towel he was wearing/holding to the lucky peeps in front. Ben threw some posters, I think.

The show ended at 11ish pm. My black soft leather Prestos had turned gray from all the dust/dirt at CCP grounds. My arms ached from videoing and taking pics with my hands up in the air, way above the sea of flailing/thrusting arms. Oh but it was all worth it. I have deeeleeeshuz shots of Brandon. Ooohlahlah.

*still in Brandon Boyd heaven up to now*