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Saturday, July 02, 2005


I mentioned this topic in my quickie post but let me delve into this subject again...

  1. Let us not take it against the band if one, some or all of their band members are blessed with sigh-inducing, drool-worthy looks.
  2. The primary focus should be their music. And when I say music, I mean the vocals, the guitar riffs, the drum beats, the song writing and the musical arrangement. Their music is what they should be duly credited for.
  3. The band is not just the vocalist. The band is comprised of the vocalist, the bass guitarist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, percussionist... The vocalist is not a solo artist. They are a BAND. So let us mind our manners when we send "praise mail" to their egroups. Don't just always say that the vocalist is great, the vocalist is cute, the vocalist is nice... Why don't we also express our appreciation for the rest of the band members' talent and personal dealings with us. The same rule applies in live gigs: let us consciously try not to just mob the cute band member. It pains me to see other band members just quietly standing close by--completely unappreciated and ignored just because they aren't exactly girl-magnets. At least say hi to them or shake their hand. Acknowledge their existence, for without them, the band would not be THE BAND who gives us great music.
  4. Okay, it's understandable that some of us may have initially been interested with the band's music because somebody in the band looks hot. But hey, let it not be the sole purpose of our existence in their gigs. Do not feign interest in their music and don't horribly force/convince yourself to like their songs. I'm sure you'd really know by yourself instantly if you are really into their music or if you're just shallowly there for the eye candy.
  5. So then if we are truly appreciating their music AND at the same time we are also secretly (or obviously) crushing on someone in the band, then it's all good--we're hitting two birds with one stone!;) 'No shame in that.
  6. Let us not limit ourselves with the criterion that somebody in the band should be good-looking first for you take notice and like their music. I adore a handful of bands that do not exactly have boybandishly-cute members. They have such poetic/profound/honest/intelligent/inspiring words and unique/creative/poignant/moving/hypnotic/brilliantly-arranged melodies. It is such a massive injustice to ignore the pure talent that they exhibit.

So there. Homegrown alterna-rock acts are dominating the airwaves. Once again, the pinoy rock band scene is alive. The record companies are now more willing to market and release these band's musical works of art. Some of these bands are indies who self-produced their albums and just do business with the record labels in terms of distribution. They have invested blood, sweat and tears for their album to become a reality. Let us support them by buying their original CDs. It's just around Php250-300 anyway ;) And hey, you can always have them sign your CD one of these days for they are Filipinos--they are here in our country, they are accessible... They are bound to swing your way in one of their gigs. It is possible to approach them for a signature and a photo-op. They're not some unreachable foreign band who's in another continent, who--in such rare expensive case that they have a concert here--have tons of body guards and for security reasons have no intimate contact with their fans. We have homegrown talents who deserve as much adulation as foreign bands. The Pinoy band scene has never been as great as this. Let's love our own! :)


ivahlicious said...

hmmm... very, very passionately said.

and i agree. it's just a coincidence the vocalists of these awesome bands are cute, but it's really their music that should be more important. they're just more popular and visible compared to the other band members but it doesn't make the others less of a genius or something...

btw, hale has an album launch in sm southmall on july 9, 5pm. just in case anyone out there would want to check it out. (wink, wink)

see ya there!!!!

pola said...

true very well said aileen *cheers* looks can be deceiving. =)after all, hale rowks!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

hehe, so even if i didn't mention the name of the band, it's pretty obvious who i'm talking about ;) oh but same sentiment goes for these other bands that i like...

oh and note that i say "we"/"us" coz i'm also reminding MYSELF to keep these things in mind ;)

ivah: yeah july 9, but i'm torn coz sponge cola has an nu107 concert series at ATC too around the same time. totally not possible to go to one gig and another =(

ivahlicious said...

go to atc then, sponge cola deserves your undivided attention now that you've back-to-back features of hale on your blog. don't worry, i'll make sure hale is well-accompanied! =)

brown eyes said...

almost always i get to know more about the artist/band thru their music before i get to see how they look like. i want to like them not bec they look good but how they sound.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

IVAH: hehe. i've featured two songs of sponge cola on my blog anyway ;) i didn't want to leave out hale in my posts ;) lotsa halers are gonna be at southmall... good luck in squeezing your way through the crowd ;)

FAY: right on!=) sana all of the music fans are like that;) sayang naman if shallow lang the way they like the band.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...
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raissa said...

I got my Hale cd and I have been listening to it non-stop since Saturday. I am with you, dont follow a band just because one or the members are good to the eyes. Its the music that is important. I first came to know Hale coz of the song "Broken Sonnet" bonus na yung face value ni Champ. *lol* but I have to say that the drums in "Kailan Pa" is spine-tingling. Its great!

patrik said...

Hi!... Just read your post at the Hale yahoogroups and saw a link to your blogsite so I decided to visit it... Anyway, I do agree with what you said. I remember checking out the Fete dela Musique concert (para suportahan ang Hale!). One of the band members, Roll, just arrived and the people started to crowd up to him when someone suddenly shouted, "Eh wala naman pala si Champ eh!"... It was so rude!... Ang rude, rude talaga!

By the way, yeah you're right. I've been listening to their CD nonstop ever since I bought it. The songs they create are the type you can listen to over and over again... galing!

Nina said...

yeah. i agree! its kinda sad na pag sinabing haler ka...people tend
think na may crush ka kay kuya champ. hayyy. not all people are like
that. some people actually love their music!

sobrang nakakasad na natatabunan na ng "love-sick fans" yung mga
totoong fans. yun eh yung mga taong totoong nagmamahal sa music nga

unfair din yun kay kuya champ. nassad talaga sya pag nalalaman nyang
some people think na kaya sila maraming fans eh because he's cute.
masakit para sa kanya yun kase he's here for the music talaga.
brainchild nya ang hale ang he even gave the name "hale' for the

sana matigil na ang pagsstereotype. go hale!


~*lilacstardust*~ said...

RAISSA: good to know that u liked the album :) i guess the song u're referring to is "Kahit Pa" ;-) Accdg to their egroups, that'll be their next single.

PJESGUERRA: hey i was at fete's alternative stage too :) bummer. that story about roll is so unfortunate naman. badtrip naman whoever said that. i actually admire roll's talent for songwriting.

NINA: well said :) yeah. kawawa naman si champoy if people like his band just because he's nice to look at. that's like insulting all the band members' talent & passion for their music. it just saddens me when people in their egroups just go: "hi champ, ang galing mo talaga/ang cute mo grabe" Grabe, dineadma na the rest of the band! i remember one of the email there that went "champ, champ, champ... puro na lang si champ!" haha. hay. mahirap maging hearthrob. tsk, tsk.

nina said...

ah you can post din pala kahit di ka blogger. sorry. naghang. hahaha

sobrang tamang timing yung post mo sa mailing list about this kase buong weekend kame nagsesentimyento ni kymie at valerie.

sad talaga when you see kuya champ na nalulungkot pag sinasabing kaya sikat ang hale eh dahil cute sya. parang insulto yun sa music nila eh.

oh my god aileen sobrang pareho tayo! ako kase narinig ko muna yung hale bago ko nakita yung vid! tas nung nakita ko yung vid...nde rin naman ako na-cutean kay kuya champ.

yung kay yael sobrang naaalala ko pa. 2003 ish ng mtv ink nafeature sila. nacute-an ako kay yael kaya naging interesado ako sa sponge. nagtext pa ko sa manager (rayms) para makakuha ng ep. kala ko magaling na sila until i've heard other bands.

yeah. it was me. shhh. secret. nainis na rin ako sa sc kase may mga naririnig ako about them from other artists. sobra...pag narasan mong makipagchikahan with other artists madidiskubre mo yung baho ng ibang banda. not to pull them down. maraming artists nagtutulungan pero yung iba kase nanggagamit. yung mga narinigan ko about sc...mga well-respected artists kaya malamang sa kanila ko maniwala.

i sooo love miro. actually sya ang pinaka-crush ko sa lahat ng artists. my friends know that. pati sila kuya champ. si mitch din ng sugarfree crush ko. talent man! sobra...nakaka-inlove si miro pag nagpperform sobra!

ma-edit na nga. hahaha

evy said...

kainis lang talaga tignan ung ibang fans na hindi pinapansin ung ibang members ng hale..

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

TO ALL THE BLOG READERS: just so you'd know, i support & admire the music of the ff bands: sponge cola, hale, stonefree, sugarfree and urbandub

i also appreciate the music of bamboo, kjwan, imago... dicta license, rampqueen... brownman revival, barbie almalbis,akafellas, mymp... e'heads circa 90s... heck i even like kyla, nina, jay r, south border...