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Saturday, July 30, 2005


* Today is Tere's bday!!! Happy Birthday dear! :)

Last Thursday night, Tere had her birthday dinner @ Big Buddha, Greenbelt. Teena, Hogi, Pau, Jhett and Red (i didn't know that red was still here pala! haha, so the first thing i said to him was "wow, you're still here pala?!") were there. Twas nice being with these Akakada bunch of friends after such a long time! I haven't been going to any of the 'fellas gigs and save for that Starbucks coffee'ing with Teena and Hogi months ago, I haven't seen them for a loooong time. My birthday gift for Tere even came with my Xmas gift for her -- that's how loooong we haven't seen each other :P

We were laughing all throughout dinner with all those crazy/funny stories we told each other. There is never a dull moment when Jhett (the jologs trivia champion!) is around. As Tere said, if ever she'd get stuck in an island with someone, she'd wish it was Jhett (that is, if Keanu Reeves was unavailable). I didn't know that Red was squeamish when it comes to gory/bloody/icky stories... he was covering his ears and humming while Tere was describing some vivid medical stuff. LOL. I was patting him while saying "happy thoughts, happy thoughts!" and Jhett adds: "think of fluffy bunnies... with pitchforks!".

After dinner, Tere, Teena, Hogi and I had coffee and talked some more at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. We were there til around 10pm!

*** I'll post pictures as soon as I get the night's pics from Tere and Jhett's digicam***