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Thursday, July 07, 2005

~* PICTURES... *~

Hah. What an imaginative title. Great. Anyway, I'm too lazy to think of a creative and apt title for this post. Aside from the fact that I'm gonna test this new Blogger image thingie feature, I just HAD TO post here what I saw kanina when I rode the FX from my office to Glorietta.

When I rode the Landmark/SM-bound FX, I found myself seated beside this gal holding such a breathtaking bouquet of roses. I sooo loved 'em coz they were in pink and purplish/old rose shades. And they were wrapped in lavender floral paper. I was like "awww. *sigh* such nice roses!". Twas my first time to see that purplish/old rose shade and I was wondering if that was their real color or if it was just painted over white roses. Hmmm. Do real roses come in THAT shade? Anyway, I couldn't help myself adoring the bouquet so I sneakily took a snapshot of it with my Nokia while pretending that I was texting...

After about 5 minutes of beholding the pretty sight, I suddenly felt like the roses were mocking me. Haha. I know, it sounds praning of me. But yeah, the happy bouquet was like there staring at me, mocking my insane solitary existence. Dammit. Geez, thanks for making me feel depressed, you pretty purple and pink roses you!

I wasn't feeling all that great when I went inside Glorietta. I was just gonna go to Do-It-Yourself to buy these carbon filter thingies that you stick on the faucet. But heck, I was side-tracked by the accessories, clothes and shoes all over Red Lane. I couldn't find where the hell the entrance to DIY was ('turns out it was just beside Timezone) so I went window-shopping in Red Lane instead. Bought my nephew these cute cheery Spongebob Squarepants slippers that I saw in one of the stalls.

Later while I was on the way to the Activity Center to buy my internet card from the usual fone card booth, I was *again* side-tracked by the array of stalls bordering the Activity Center. Bought myself this lavender faux snakeskin celfone strap. (Purple colors make me happy!) . Geez, I passed by Nike... all their for-women line (bags, shirts, tank tops, towel...) were in purple!!! I sooo wanted that P1K+ purple bag but I managed to resist the urge. I wanted this indigo shirt too but I resisted the urge to splurge coz it was freakin' P1K+ too.

I passed by this Bag-o-holic stall and I saw this cutesy corduroy bag in chocolate brown and pink (the lining was made of tiny pink flower prints). I totally loved it but found the size too small. All my kikay and girlscout stuff that I carry everyday won't fit in it so they offered a custom-made bag to me. I wanted the same look and colors but bigger size. Hopefully, I'll get my choco-pink bag after two weeks :)

So there. In the end, I managed to find where the heck the Do-It-Yourself store was (after asking the mall's customer service) but they didn't have the kind of screw-in carbon filters that I wanted.

So that was my impulse-buying stint today.


Saw this picture when I was bluetoothing my fone pics to my PC. This was taken about a month ago. I was having breakfast one Sunday morning and our maid told me to check out our pitbull Kikay. Look at what she got herself into:

Geez, our pitbull has circus potential...

I finished my breakfast and everything and she was still there. Poor thing. She could climb atop the cage but she couldn't get off it. She was too chicken to jump. Our maid even put some monobloc step ladder and stool beside the cage so she can step on them and go down safely. She tried to reach for them but she was too afraid to strategically reposition her paws. At a certain point she was fidgeting and one of her paws went through the cage. She lost her balance and went *splat* on my mom's orchids beside her. Uhh, so that's how she was able to get off the top of the cage.


brown eyes said...

lol. sneaky, sneaky. the roses were beautiful but i'd rather get a boquet of carnations or daisies. they're such happy flowers.

girl na girl ka talaga. you even noticed that bag, hehe. kikay!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

yeah, i'm not that fond of roses either but it was... so pink and purple... i couldn't help but love it ;)

ehehe, yeah, girl na girl po ako even if i'm a alterna-rocker chick nowadays :P

Siaz said...

hi there.. your pitbull looks like my dog Casper =) What is your dog's name?

I love looking at cute bags too but I'm more fascinated with shoes.. hehehe

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

our pitbull's name is Kikay :) haha. badtrip, walang ka glamor-glamor ang name *LOL* i wanted to name her after Kelly Osbourne but my parents didn't fancy my suggestion :P