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Friday, July 01, 2005


Ok, I've been meaning to post a lot of stuff but everytime I'm online my egroups-browsing activity eats up my time. I am in 4 freakin' egroups of these pinoy rock/alternative bands that I'm currently into. And it's so tedious to go through all of the crazy posts... so by the time I'm done, I'm already sleepy. Anyway, I have a 15-minute window of blogging opportunity before I go offline coz I have to catch that 10pm special in National Geographic re: Unlocking the Da Vinci Code...

  • National politics: Just imagine if FPJ was our president. Horror of horrors. In my myopic politically-apathetic point of view, I say choose the lesser evil. I think GMA is that.
  • I just saw in the news that the teachers in this QC public school holds their faculty room in a comfort room. That is just so sad and degrading naman, grabe. I think these teachers have such a noble, often underappreciated jobs. We should pray for them.
  • I heard that this certain deejay said that this certain band's success was in account of their vocalist being so good looking. What an a-hole. That's so narrow-minded of him. That relatively new band has succeeded because they have well-written songs and beautifully-arranged music. The vocalist's being an eye candy is just a welcome add-on.
  • Somebody from this certain band's egroups has announced her pulling out of the group because after coming out with one music video (which she did not like), there was no follow up/new single AND video. What a lame-ass fan. The vocalist had to point out that the band members are all studying and are seniors now so they have to prioritize their studies first. See, these guys realize the importance of education. It's not all art and music for them. Such wise, responsible school guys. And hello, the band just announced that they are about to launch a new video this month. Apparently, she was not reading the threads. Plus, out of her ignorance, she thinks that the band had only released "just one single" (the one with the video). But in fact, the band, to date has had 3 original songs aired on radio (plus this one cover song that they want to dissociate from, but, nevertheless, made them even more popular). Again: what a lame-ass fan.

OK, it's 10pm. Gotta split.