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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Went to the Rock to School concert at Le Pavillon with Charo, Jako and Fay. Fay, thanks for the tickets! :)

Got there quite late with Jako and Charo. There were too many people inside Le Pavillon by the time we got there so we just stayed outside where the wide screens were. We met up with Fay there. Yey! I've FINALLY met Fay! She's a friend of Charo. Fay and I are both Morning Rushers and I stumbled upon her blog one time when she posted it on the Rusher's egroups. Such a small world coz it turned out that she was a friend of Charo. We've been blogmates since last year but it was just yesterday that I finally met her in person. (We were kidding na parang blind date kami *LOL*)

charo, jako, fay & me

'Missed SpongeCola's performance coz they were the first band to perform. Sayang, somebody in the SC egroups said that Yael was almost in tears when he was singing Neon?! Aww. We managed to catch Session Road (I still couldnt get over that Superdrag rip-off controversy re: Leaving You! I just stumbled upon that news last week. Couldn't get hold of that Garmonbozia song though...) and Kitchie Nadal (Abbie, I remembered you when I saw Kitchie... *LOL*). Didn't get to catch Bamboo though coz we left na and headed back to Makati.

Charo, Jako and I stopped by Starbucks first before going home. I finally tasted that well-loved Starbucks coffee jelly. Twas good :)


brown eyes said...

at talagang ito ang pic na napili mong ipost? ang laki ng mukha ko! hwehwehwe... :)

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

ahehe. kasi naman si charo, nakapikit dun sa other pic eh! :P