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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

~*GAAAH! BLAH V-DAY ver. 2.0*~

So it's getting suckier and suckier by the minute. As usual, our office started celebrating V-day this Monday. Looking back, I headed the V-day Committee 2 years ago. I told my committee to wear something red. And I, in keeping with my tradition, still wore black that day BUT with a slim red belt and a strappy lil pair of red sandals. So technically, I was wearing SOMETHING red. *Snicker*Snicker*

So okay, going back to this year's V-day committee gimmicks. Well to start with, they're showing romantic movies this week every lunch time at the canteen. It's like a lil cozy drive-in movie, only this time, yer sittin down munchin your lunch. Yesterday they showed Sweet Home Alabama, today they showed Nottinghill. Ahhh, I loved Hugh Grant's British accent "Roight, roight (right, right)" and "whoopsiedaisies!". Such a wimpy character. Are all British dudes as wimpy as the characters he usually portrays? Hmm. Cute but, uhhh, really wimpy. They're showing Serendipity tomorrow. Ahhh. My dear eternally youthful John Cusack. On Fri, they'll show My Best Friend's Wedding. Gaah. I might cry over my lousy cafeteria food when I see that again! Well on Thurs they're skippin the movie coz we have this dating game thing. Haha. We were able to get Maui Taylor. Mommy Rose Flaminiano was kind enough to book her for us. And would you imagine, we ain't even paying her anything monetary. Just a Body Shop gift cheque and stuff. HA! As if she couldn't afford to buy that herself! Apparently, Atty. Flaminiano is handling Maui's case against Viva (that topless still photos of hers brouhaha....) that's why I think Mommy Rose can easily commit her to a gig. And of course, we've been quite lenient with FLT's payables anyway... Bianx is malakas kay Mommy Rose kya ayun... Ahh poor Bianx, she has to make hatid-sundo pa si Maui on Thurs and then she'll host pa the Dating Game. Hahah. Tama ba naman yun? Overused na talents nya! Kawawa naman!

Okay, so my rant... Gaaah! Yesterday around 3pm, they blasted these stupid old love songs over the PA system for a good 8 minutes or so. About three sordid songs. Gaaah. Like, they played one of those hackneyed King & Queen of Hearts types of songs. I think I even heard an Air Supply song or something. Anyway, so there I was making this report on my PC and lo & behold the stupid love songs fill the airwaves. The PA system's speaker is right above my work area. So I was like, "WTF?!" and then my kewl guy boss goes "WHAT is UP with THAT music?!". Hilarious in a mad way! Hahaha. So I went "Gaaah! Can they just stop?! Ano ba yan, wala ba silang consideration sa mga singles na malungkot? If their intention was to make us feel the Happy Valentine's Day, well it doesn't make me happy AT ALL!!! Gaaaah!" Well mysteriously (and thankfully!) today, they didn't blast the PA system with love songs. Maybe the bitchy singles staged a mad revolution to the committee. Wahaha.

Ooh, and then there's these tacky powerpoint slide shows they've been spamming our email inboxes with. There's this "Singles of Kodak" thingiemajig. And there we were... they scanned our pic from our resumes and business cards. They made a stupid collage with our stupid forlorn faces all over the slide show. Like "the Singles of Kodak" "Vote for your favorite singles of the day" or some revolting tag line like that. I'm praying everyday that my face won't be plastered on that Singles of the Day Winner powerpoint that they've been emailing since yesterday. Isn't that such a massive injustice? (Okay, I'm on OA mode now, forgive me! But indulge me, will yah!) Hello?! Can you please NOT point out that I am single AND unattached?! What the fudge is that all about, huh?! Unless the grand prize is a date with Brad Turvey or maybe Jay R, can you not include me in that ridiculous contest? NOT during V-day season! Call me that any other day, but NOT on V-day! >:P Gaaaaah.

Okay, so that was lil miss beeotchy me possesed by the anti-v-day cupid. Har-har.