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Monday, February 02, 2004


It started with Tin's email. And just like that, the floodgates were opened. Gaaah. It's freakin' Feb. V-day sucks. Forgive me if I am in a beeeotchy mode. Must be....Out of necessity. Some sort of self-defense mechanism. Coz if I ain't Ms. Beeeotch, I'd be Ms. Drama Queen (which i'm really trying hard not to be coz I'm so freakin' tired of being one and I really promised myself that I would bravely go through this stint.)

Our egroups read:

From: Abbie Real
Date: Mon Feb 2, 2004 8:33 pm
Subject: Dahil Malapit Na Ang Valentines....


Valentine's? OH WELL! Because of an upcoming launch, I've been pretty distracted with V-Day kaya okay lang. I don't want to be cynical about it pero there's something inside me that wishes na wala ng V-Day. I mean, wala, as in NADA, like an ordinary day. I was at the mall yesterday and may mga V decors na. Ano ba yan?

As for you Aileen...IMO...your Akafella obsession is actually a welcome distraction from Mako and the whole Mako ordeal you have gone through. Okay lang yan, girl. At least may pinagkakalibangan ka.

I'm sure tayo lang dalawa ngayon sa Forces ang mag-bi-bitch about V Day. The rest are obviously IN LOVE. As for Charo...ano nga ba, sis? Hehe! Uyy! wrote:

Gaaah. I miss our girl talks =*( Abbie, I miss our TIB dayz! Wala na kong
instant lunch bonding =*(
Ewan ko ba, mag ddreaded V-day na kasi kaya I have this sickening feeling
that I'm sliding back to the *accckkk* missin' maco &
being-depressed-in-my-love life-in-general state

But then again maybe not. Must be because I've not been to an AKAfellas
gig lately. *teehee*

From: Abbie Real
Date: Mon Feb 2, 2004 12:16 am
Subject: Re: [Forces of Nature] can relate ka ba???

Hahaha! Natawa ako ha! NAKA-RELATE? OO naman!

Sometimes, you don't know if you are still capable of THE feeling. Tagal ko ng hindi kayo nakaka-chika and dami ko na din kwento. In the previous months na hindi ko kayo nakita I think I felt almost all the emotions associated with loving someone. From downright cynical to passionately, deeply and madly inlove. Haaay! At least I'm surviving!

I was in such a depressed mood today despite our Brothers Burger lunch out. On the way home, I was like swinging from bitchiness to uber-drama mode and back. Gaaaah. Friggin V-day sh*t. Awww, I miss Hero. Dang, I miss ITY. Ahhh. ITY, the benchmark of my ideal guy. But weird, I've been checkin' his friendster testimonials... he doesn't seem to be the same guy I knew back in college. He seemed to have lost something as he got hooked with the trappings of life in the states and his life now over umm, there. Oh well. And then there's this dude who reminds me of him. Aww. Long soulful talks. Yeah. I wish. I don't really know him well but based on his friendster testimonial (what a modern way to spy on people! ahaha.) he seems like a very sweet, smart guy who's really boyfriend material --not just boylet, mind you. Gaaah, he's sooo lambing to talk to. Oh good gawd I hope he ain't readin this.

Ahhh. February just sucks big time.>:P

That upcoming Jason Mraz gig should better cheer me up or else...