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Thursday, February 12, 2004


So as I said before, Maui was gonna be our guest for our office's dating game thingiemajig. She came with Mommy Rose Flaminiano of FLT Films, Mommy Rose's alalay and another one whom, later, I was surprised to find out was her mom pala. I wouldn't have guessed that she was Maui's mom.

So anyway, we were joking around early in the morning that I'll make singil na entrance fee sa work area namin coz the guys will surely want to come in our area when Maui arrives. Haha. So suddenly, everyone was nice to us! Haha.

Hanep. All the guys were ogling at her. She was wearing this red see-through lace top with spaghetti straps and a super mini (denim) skirt.

The dating game went great. It was so fun. A bit naughty on the side. The searchees were all married men -- our GM and some managers. And boy she picked the office heartthrob! Haha.

Here are some pictures...

L to R: Me, my boss, our account manager (whom we keep teasing coz she does look like Maui), Mommy Rose, Maui and our credit manager

Maui with the winner of the dating game

After the show, we all had late lunch at Gloria Maris. In fairness, Maui seems very nice. She didn't have any prima donna air or anything like that. She gamely posed for all the photo ops we had to go through while on the way out of the office. Aliw, when she saw my off-white hand bag, she exclaimed that she had exactly the same bag which she bought from Greenhills! Ah, nice to know that Maui Taylor still shops for nice stuff from the tiangge! And she gave this weird tip during the dating game when they were talking about thongs. She said that if you had to wear thongs for the entire day, you should wash first (down there) with Colgate, as in use it like soap. That was a sure-fire way to not smell, uhh, there. As in she swears by it. Strange but true.

She wears this cute baby pink retainers. Her hair color is nice. She had this golden bronze tan. She looks pretty in person. Petite as I was, I was still taller than her. Well, her boobs were so, uhmm, shall I say, surreal? But anyway, she was really quite amiable. No air at all. It's nice to know that big stars can still be like that.