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Sunday, February 08, 2004


*Sob*Sob* Those of you who love movies that make 'em cry, this one's for you. I totally love the drama of this art film. It's got a well-written script... especially the narratives of the main character, Ann. My Life Without Me ("Mi Vida Sin Mi") stars his royal {Felicity} hotness, Scott Speedman. The lead character reminds me of the regal beauty of Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman.

The official site is a treat to surf. The macromedia flash which shows the same intro as that of the movie is so *gushes* cool.

*Sigh* I love it when Scott Speedman whispers as he talks. Oh so tender mush. Gaah. He's so, uhmm, dreamy. And in the movie, supposedly, here's how they first met: The last Nirvana concert before Kurt Cobain died -- He really didn't like Nirvana much so he was bored, was lookin around, and then he saw this girl (Ann) crying. He came up to her. He didn't have a tissue or a handkerchief so he took off his shirt and wiped her tears away. *Awww* And he was such a cute, patient father to their 2 daughters. And he was such a sweet hubby to her. Gaah. That scene where he just got home and he said all he wanted was a kiss... And then when she was off to work, he asked her to sing to him. And that scene when they were abt to sleep... how he said that Ann never complained, how she made him want to be a better man. Gaaaah.

Ahh. And now we go to that Lee character. One of Ann's goals (Things to Do Before I Die list) was to make a stranger fall in love with her and to sleep with another man just to know what it's like (She married Scott Speedman's character when she was 17. He was her first.) Yeah. Made me think like, What do you need to do that for? Scott Speedman is just soooo perfect! But oh, how she met that Lee dude is just so mushily cute. They met in a laundromat. Well, actually, he saw her first at the resto where she was writing down her Things to Do Before I Die list. So anyway, gaaah, that laundromat scene is one of my faves. He went out to buy her coffee and when he came back she was already asleep. And he just tucked her in with his jacket. He sat across her. He stared at her, he watched her sleep. And that dude had such soulful eyes. *Sigh* Ahh, such a powerful, dramatic, romantic scene for me. You can just feel his longing as he sits there silently. Gaaah. And oh how he cried in that scene when Scott Speedman picked up Ann. Ahh, men do cry when they're in love.

Ooh. I found another official site... Kewl. Another kick-ass flash site.

Haha. And then there's this eccentric hairdresser in braids who just absolutely adores Milli Vanilli. Her insights and parallelisms about Milli Vanilli were entertaining.

I swear, go buy the DVD if you see it over at Makati Cinema Square. Go buy !!! Go buy!!! Yeah, No to Piracy, but hey, where else can I get my artfilm DVDs anyway?! And plus, isn't it just a wee bit insane to buy a DVD at Php800+ when you can buy it for a measly Php80? Just as long as it's a real DVD copy and not a laser or tape copy, I am sold to the idea of buying el cheapo ones. It's a guilty pleasure, hehehe.

Twenty thumbs up! Well maybe I'm a bit biased coz Scott Speedman's in the movie. But hey, if you're the type who likes a good cry from the movies like me, you'll love this art film!

Ahh. Definitely makes My Treasured DVD list ;)