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Saturday, February 14, 2004


Whoa. He texted me at 12:30 am today. (Take note ha, as in parang he deliberately wanted to be the first one to greet me Happy Valentine's Day... Oh well. I read into things too much. Gullible me.) Twas something quite stupid. A variation on the "Coke Ko 'To" catchy rhyme from the TV ad. It's too stupid to type in here... anyway, it ended with "Baduy noh? That's what love is." Gaaah. How freakin lame is that?! I was too sleepy to reply and start up a chat. His text actually woke me up. So anyway, I went back to sleep, thinkin' "You... you! Gaah. Just you wait til tomorrow when I wake up..."

At 7:30 am, I texted him back something serious. I didn't want to forward some lame V-day joke to him. After all, this was my only chance to text him. My new year's resolution was not to text him EVER. The exception, I guess, was when he texted me, I shall reply as necessary. Hah! I bet I knocked the living daylights out of him with my oh-so-serious-slash-drama queenish text. I said:

People ask me why I hang on to someone who gave me more pain than joy. I say I loved him and I love in spite of pain. Coz loving a person doesn't mean they should be yours. Loving is letting the person grow even if it means letting them go. And I'll be fine someday coz I knew I gave what I had to and I loved truly.

Hah! Beat that! That must've shut him up.

Oh well.