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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Soooo. Finally it comes down to 3 lads. Marty, JD and MiG. I am sooo freakin' excited to watch the finale on Wed!!! (Incidentally, Greg Behrendt mentioned that he watches ROCKSTAR INXS too! He asked us who were our bet. He said he heard that "MiG is a homeboy huh.")

AHA! I *really* have a sneaking suspicion that Dave Navarro has a crush on (or at least "is flirty with") Suzie. You'd just notice it in the way he talks & looks at her... And now that kiss (he also kissed her as she was singing in last Wed's episode)! *gasp* Oh no, Carmen Elektra, have you been watching your husband lately?

Among the three, I love Marty's screamo-mellow voice the most. I like his attitude all throughout the episodes. I never saw him act like an ass. He was a little touchy though in that songwriting collaboration episode. He is very vocal too about the direction he envisions for INXS' future music. I loved his original song Trees the first time I heard him sing it. (I like both the electric and acoustic version). I like it better than JD's Pretty Vegas. I end up liking all the alternative songs he performs on the show. I am always frantically downloading his stuff over at Bearshare ;)

Okay, okay, admit it, you gals: JD is indeed yummy to look at! That's his edge over the other two. I find that he is the most passionate in terms of his music and his being a prospective vocalist of INXS. He may have acted like a jerk a coupla times in the past but I think he's just misunderstood and is just a victim of crafty editing the same way that Colin was in Amazing Race. Did you see that softie side of JD when his sister and mom visited him at the mansion *aww*? You'd be surprised too when you read his post on his MSN blog. He sounds like a nice person, actually. I like that part in his original song Pretty Vegas wherein he speaks thru a megaphone. I think among the three, he most closely approximates the looks, charm/appeal of INXS' deceased vocalist.

One big *woohoo* to our homeboy MiG! He is amazing when he hits those high notes and he is best with the slow rock/pop ballad numbers. My faves are his Baby I Love Your Way and Live & Let Die performances. And isn't he such a *nice nice* guy?! He almost always gives out his song selection whenever somebody else also wants it. He seems to be such a kind-hearted guy. His theater background shows in some of his performances and I don't know if that's a good thing for him though. He doesn't exactly fit the "rugged rockstar dude" description.

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