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Friday, September 02, 2005

~* HALE @ 19EAST *~

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Yesterday was the first real Hale gig that I've been to. The first time I watched them was in their album signing at Tower Records Glorietta which was not much of a real gig but more of an interaction with the band.

I'm tamad to make detailed kwento coz I'm still in *zombie mode*. I got home around 2:30am after the gig and then woke up at 6am to go to work. And so I've had only about 3.5 hours of sleep as of now. So forgive my lack of enthusiasm to go into details with this post.

Anyway, we *had to* watch Monkeyspank, 13 Needles and Join the Club who all performed before Hale. Aliw nevertheless. College bands kind of thing. From UP, Ateneo, UST Conservatory of Music... stuff like that. I was most aliw with the stage presence of Join the Club. I think they were friends with Roll back in UST or something coz he was chatting with them at the parking lot after the gig. Monkeyspank was a nu-metalish kind of band so the vocals were growly/scream-o. Haha. I was thinking if Abbie could bear with the noise -- coz at least, Tin, Charo and I are appreciative of rock music... but Abbie never dug any kind of music bordering on the noisy side;-) 13 Needles: I remember them doing a rock version of *gasp* Quit Playing Games with my Heart by BSB! Quite entertaining as much as hearing Blink 182 do a Britney with a rock version of Hit Me Baby (One More Time).

So anyway, there. Hale played around past 12midnight already -- after the quasi-album launch of Join the Club. lol. ;P Dang! We were tricked into that one! hehe.

Hale played around 10 songs, their originals plus a cover of Coldplay's Yellow. I was pretty much digicamming the whole time. Nagtataka na siguro si Champ why forever na lang nakataas yung digicam ko. (I was taking vids). I could see kasi na napapatingin na sya to me since yun nga, I was holding up my digicam almost all throughout their set. My arm kinda hurts. huhuhu. Okay, coƱotic taglish na post ko. *lol* I don't wanna think anymore. *zombie mode*

Umm. I have three excuses why I'm not posting all the Hale pics I took:

    1. I'm too much of a zombie now to collate it in Photoshop.
    2. I'm selfish. Hehe. I'm not too happy with right-clicker-strangers.
      Especially those who don't ask permission/make an acknowledgement when they use the pictures I took.
    3. With the frequent traffic due to Hale search engine results, it will consume a lot of the allocated daily bandwidth of the various image hosts I use. I hate seeing tiny red "x" marks where my pics used to be.

And can I just say... it was hard to get a pic of Omnie coz Champ was directly in front of the drum set from the angle where we sat :( I only manage to see parts of Omnie in the videos. And Sheldon was hard to photograph too coz he was standing on the dim side of the stage. I don't like using my flash coz I don't wanna ruin the lighting effects of the stage so most of my Sheldon pics were quite dark and blurry.

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me and the girls (abbie, charo, tin)...

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me and hale. (umm, sans omnie. hmm. didn't see him anymore after the gig...)
*Need I label this and name them? hehe. Kilala na sila ng buong Pilipinas !;-)


A: "hehe,para silang mga model ng Pony..."
B: "Uhh. Oo nga, sponsored sila ng Pony eh!"

A: "ano ba yan! sad song na naman. wala ba silang mga happy songs?"
B: "Uhh. MELODRAMA kasi yung music nila."

*wink, wink* :P


Abbie eXcites said...

A: "ano ba yan! sad song na naman. wala ba silang mga happy songs?"
B: "Uhh. MELODRAMA kasi yung music nila."

HAHA! AKO ba nagsabi nyan? Actually, I remembered saying: "puro sad song sila 'no?". I actually like it that they go for MELODRAMA! Make mine Champ! :)

charu said...

ako ung first one no? haha!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

ABBIE & CHARO: *lol* ang saya ng mga hirit nyo eh! :)

tin said...

ay... kaka! bkit wa ko hirit!?!? speechless ba ko non? hehehe.... r u guys into poetry reading chuva? wanna try? :-D

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

TIN: yours are post-gig YM chat quotes:

"ang HUGE nya!"
"ang laki pala tlga ni roll!"
"ang LAKI talaga ni roll!"

mga 10x mo sinabi. *lol* exag ako!:P

eto THE BEST... great minds think alike eh, hehe:

"astig pic ni ___ ah"
"parang bold star"
"shiyeeeet. gwapo ni ____ sa profile nya sa site *sigh*"
"sexy boy!"
"nahubaran ko na sya sa imagination ko hehe"

*LMAO* ermm, corruption of uh not-so-minors ata ito... :P

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

(i think i got too distracted sa manyak quotable quotes natin *LOL*)

forgot to answer your other Q..

about the poetry reading... where? havent been in one. i'd like to watch one but i would never dare read one in public ;-)

Abbie eXcites said...

Ano ba naman na mga hirit yan, Tin??? Parang ang dami ko na-miss over the weekend?

GO ako sa poetry reading. Go kahit ano.

Siaz said...

SAMA ako sa poetry reading.. hehehe

Hey, share your pictures na rin sa ofoto or yahoo photos =P

miss u guys!

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

ABBIE: it was me who said some of those quotes! hahaha!:P

MITZI: sama ka talaga huh?;P weh. tamad ako to do ofoto and stuff eh...hehe

hey may balak ka bang magvacation here? uwi ka naman to visit!!!