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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Had a blast last Friday night! As scheduled, I met up with Teena for her post-birthday dinner at Big Buddha Greenbelt. [Happy B-day Teena!:) *hugz*] Hogi, Tere, Pau and his cousin Jen were also there. After dinner, we went to Segafredo. As usual pictures, pictures:

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clockwise: (1st Row) birthday gal teena & me * pau, jen & hogi
(2nd Row) tere & jen * hogi, me & teena

I didn't stay long at Segafredo coz I had to meet up with Tin for an instant/unscheduled night-out. 'Turns out that Honda was sponsoring Monster Radio RX 93.1's Yuppie Night which was happening at Capone's. Apol (Tin's friend who works at Honda) invited Tin and I had myself invited (haha!) coz I knew that Barbie Almalbis was playing for RX that night. Tin and I went to Capone's with two of her friends and later on we were joined by Apol and Valerie. At first, we were surprised that some pizza, chicken lollipops and more beer kept going our way eh we didn't order them naman... 'turned out it was free food & drinks from RX since we were at Honda's table. *yey!*

Anyway, 'saw RX DJs there: Tom Alvarez, Sonya, Chico & Del... Was surprised to see Champ Lui-Pio (vocals - Hale) there. After Barbie's gig, they chatted for a while. Champ and Barbie were both wearing a yellow top. So anyway... they were standing there near our table and as I was looking at them, it suddenly dawned on me na they look good together! Swear! Parang kinilig pa nga ako thinking about it eh. Haha! They both have such angelic faces and positive auras so *ooh* they're so bagay! Later that night, we also spotted Mark Escueta (drummer - Rivermaya. Uyyy... Tin... Yihee!) there.

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barbie almalbis still reminds me of pixie fairies

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*awww* they're both wearing yellow. naaks!

After that, we went to Aposento which was just a stone's throw away from Capone's. Valerie's boyfriend's acoustic alternative band was playing there. Was pleasantly suprised to find that the drinks at Aposento was quite cheaper than the usual. Imagine that, I had Artic Strawberry vodka for just PhP 80! Wow!

So basically, I just spent a total of PhP 100 for all that! [80 bucks at Aposento and 20 bucks share for the toll fee] Nice! So timely for my *tipid mode* month ;-)