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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Went to Teena's place last night for her pre-birthday celebration and Red's despedida (he flew back to NY today). Once again, I had a taste of Teena's yummy sangloffs (sp?). Oh and this new Sprite Ice we had was great. Love it! It's great too for mixing with Artic Strawberry vodka;) We dunked bananas and marshmallows on Tere's choco fondue :) Lots of food on the table and funny crazy conversations made the night so happy. What with the shrilly voice of Vilma Santos singing in the background (CD courtesy of Robi!). It made Tere wish that she brought her Ramona Revilla CD. Haha. The fellas' funny recounting of their experience at the Government (this gay bar thingie somewhere in Makati. Something like Bed in Malate daw...), the homophobic stories, the f & p syndrome ("wanna puck?" or "wanna pornicate?" LMFAO when Jhett gave this spiel!). Never a dull moment indeed when I am around these bunch of friends :)

The crazy people of the night were: Jhett, Robi, Red, Reubs (left early coz he had a date, hehe) , Karl, Pau, Teena, Mika, Tere, Glenda, Sarah, June (just dropped by) and me.

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the girls (pics @ the bottom): teena, mika, tere, glenda, sarah & june

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top photos: red (and jhett) for sprite ice; jhett: "try nyo kantahin yung beam toothpaste jingle nang serious..."; robi doing the best gay pose he could muster

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the party (doing a spoof of the "yearbook open-mouth smile" on the top photo. lol.)


Glenda said...

hey girl! i had fun last saturday night. hehe. bagay pala ang sprite ice with vodka concoction. sa uulitin!!

sybil said...

aaww.. i missed this.. wish i cudve been der with you.. waaaah! i miss the kada and our picture galore moments. I miss ate teena's sangloffs.. I miss sarah, mika, ate tere, ate june.. I miss you.. I miss the vodka.. I miss the guys. waaah!! mwaaah.. mwaah..mwaah.. - sybil

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

GLENDA: yeah that was such a fun night! *longing for another can of Sprite Ice*
... plus strawberry vodka! ;-)

SYBIL: hey you canadian girl you! :) i miss you too! oh yes the picture galore moments!!! *hugs* you take care over there! =) ingat sa mga canadian boylets! ;-)