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Saturday, July 17, 2004


Last Thursday, 'went to Onstage Greenbelt to watch the AKAfellas. Met up with Tere there. Saw Tito Daddy and Tita. Also saw Jane. Teena came out to where we were waiting to give us a quick hi. Bianx (my officemate) was not really supposed to watch but we managed to convince her when we told her that Christian Bautista is the special guest for the concert. And besides, she didn't have to spend a single cent on the tickets! (basta!) Charo who came from work at St. Luke's arrived by 9pm a coupla minutes before the show started.
Save for some tech difficulties, the show was uber-entertaining to watch and the guys were great as usual. I gotta commend 'em for giving their very best for I heard from Teena that just days before the show, like half of the fellas were sick (Red and Reubs had virtually lost their voices daw and if I remember correctly, Robi and Pau had fever/flu too...) but hey, they managed to give the audience a stellar performance!

Haha!:P Apparently, the guys could easily see Tere and I from the stage. Robi has made a coupla comments pertaining to us throughout his adlibs :) Like that: "Aha! You're the one who's been stalking me!" *Later on, I found out something from Tere which made me laugh even more about this random comment of Robi. Haha. Patay! :P"

Oh, and when Christian Bautista asked if anyone knew/was familiar with Breathe's Hands To Heaven, apparently, I was the only one who raised my hand coz he said "Oh there! Only one?!"

One of Myke's jokes:
Myke to Robi (re: his leather jacket): "Yuck! Amoy wallet ka na!"

I sooo liked their version of Maroon 5's "This Love" (Robi sang the lead for this). Their Broadway medley was spectacular as usual. Myke and Pau's dance during that part was such a delight to watch. Basta, 'kaaliw! 'So adorable with Pau's wrong moves and Myke looking like a happy kid while dancing. The American Idol thingie they did was also so fun to watch. Plus, since it was a "showcase" of their individual singing talents, I was like in awe half of the time. Man, I just realized Reubs does sound like Gary V. when he did that Gary V. (I think?) song. Pau did justice to the Michael Buble song he sang. Red did a great Josh Groban number. Sad though coz there was some problems with the spotlight during Red's number. Grrness. It was almost funny though coz the first line of his song went "Through the DARKNESS, I can see your light..." So while Tere was mumbling "Spotlight! Spotlight!", Bianx and I was saying "Ay. Through the darkness nga naman! Hayyyy :( "... "Ayan! Through the darkness daw kasi! :P "  And *cheer*cheer* for Red, coz I heard he was afraid of heights but there he was, at the highest part of the set!

Red finally emerged from the darkness after a coupla minutes...

Robi did a Guns n' Roses (woohoo!) number... Sweet Child O' Mine. I was sooo tempted to raise my hand when he was asking for some peeps from the audience to sing the part where Axl Rose wails "Where do we go now, where do we go now... where do we goooo .... oh-oh-ooh where do we gooo...sweet child... sweet chiiiiiild o' mine..." Ay grabe,  I sooooo know the freakin' lyrics to that song! When I was in high school, I used to be such a BIG fan of GNR. I even called myself Axl Rose (since, uhh, my name was Aileen Rose...). But I was taking the video... so anyway, I was watching the vid this afternoon and I could hear my voice singing ala Axl Rose, haha! :P


Me to Robi (after the show): "Why were you wearing a Nirvana shirt while you were singing a Guns n' Roses song?! That was Kurt Cobain on your shirt!"
Robi: "Ahh, that was Nirvana ba?! I didn't know that!"

Me mumbling to Bianx (while taking Christian's vid the first time he came out): "Hmm... he is... hmm... hot..."
"See! I told you he's hot!"
"HE IS HOT!!!"

Christian Bautista sang "Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin" with the guys. Not that I'm biased or anything, but I seriously like Karl's version of the song better than Christian's.  It was just not the same without Karl's kulots :( Karl's version is more *hmm, what's the word...*  poignant? Yes. That's it. It gives me goosebumps when I hear Karl sing that. Plus, it almost always makes me cry.


Christian was a pretty nice guy. Girls were FLOCKING to him and he handled every request for a picture and autograph with utmost patience and sincere niceness.

Tere, Robi and me...

Pau: "Wow! I like your camera! It's nice!"
"Yeah! It's 4 megapixels and has 10X zoom!"

Me and Bianx (My instant official photographer for the night!)
*Meanwhile, we all thought Charo had been flushed in the toilet. She said she was just gonna go to the restroom but she never came back inside so she's not in any of the pix here. Apparently, she was sooo hungry she looked for food pala while we were inside!*

Jane, me and Tere...

Myke (noticing that I brought a different cam): "Uy! Bago yan ah!"

Yebbah! Tere and I FINALLY met the famous Chevy!

Happy, happy Akakada!

After hamming it up for the cam...
Me to Reubs (while holding and trying to move my sore neck): "Ow! Reubs! You just gave me a stiff neck! Seriously! I think I sprained my neck!"

With Franco Mabanta: THA MAN! (He's the manager of the fellas)

The last picture of the night: With Red and Tere...(Obvious bang tired and antok na ko?)
Hay. It was such a fun night! Super sulit! :)

Happy, happy, happy! :)


Anonymous said...

haaaaaay! can i just have my face superimposed on your pics? up til now, i am lost for words upon seeing some "particular pictures". -- teena