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Thursday, July 01, 2004


Ackkk. I thought no one I knew saw me on TV last Monday (the Manila Film Fest's delayed telecast at RPN 9). Apparently, Sybs saw me. Haha! We were seated on row 5 and the camera man onstage who was stationed on the presenters' podium plus the camera on the crane were near us. I knew we were focused for a sec when Mayor Atienza was doing his opening speech. Haha, Rico didn't like it! He and Jane who sat beside me were caught by the cam while they were looking up towards the wide screen on our right. As for me, when I feel the cam on me, I consciously avoid looking at the monitor/screen. So here... I thought of some "don'ts" in connection with such "chance" TV appearances:

1. Thou shall not look directly onto the camera... Pretend to be oblivious of it. (Unless you want to look super-conscious and uneasy about it.)

2. Thou shall have to look attentive of what's happening onstage. (i.e. Thou shall not be caught yawning, slouching, texting or chatting with your seatmate... It's your unguaranteed split-second of non-existent fame and you don't want to be seen by half of the Philippine population looking very stupid.)

3. Thou shall not look at the widescreen monitor (unless you wanna be seen with your eyes rolled all the way up. Very unflattering, I tell you. Oh, and when you ARE actually caught looking up on the screen, DO NOT search for the cam that is pointed at you. You will just make things go from bad to worse. Ackk.)

4. Thou shall know which is thy best angle. (You have 1:100 chance to be seen on national television. Now go face the camera on your best angle and make yer momma proud of those darn cheekbones! Teehee.)

5. Thou shall text your doting mom and dad to watch out for that split-second exposure of yours while the camera was panning amongst the sea of audience. (This works to your advantage when it's on delayed telecast. You'll have ample time to text the whole baranggay. Haha!) *Okay, I just texted my mom, hehe, not really the entire contact list on my phone book!*

Hermmm. I remember last year's Ad Congress Araw Awards which was on delayed telecast at ANC (?). We were seated at the *super* front, as in right smack at the cameras and we kept being caught on-cam as in always "extra" coz right behind us was David Guerrero's BBDO-Guerrero posse who kept reaping awards in almost all categories. Syempre, since they start focusing on the winner from the time they stand up from their seats until they go up and down the stage, the cameras kept panning on us. Ackkk. It was like "Ops, ops, ops, walang tulugan!" ... 'Can't be caught dead doing unglamorous stuff! Funny how ALL our moms (mine, Jane's, Vic's and Bianx's) texted us just to excitedly say that they saw their beloved daughter on TV. Aww, our loving mommies! :)

There. Haha, as if my split-second exposure really matters to anyone! :P