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Saturday, July 10, 2004


I got home from a gimmick today at 6:30AM. I went out last night with my sister and her friends Abbie and Lot. The original plan was to go to a reggae bar and then go to a gay bar (I soooo haven't ever been to one and neither has my sister...). Anyway, the gay bar thing didn't push through anymore even if Gigolo was right across the reggae bar where we hung out all night.

The name of the reggae bar is Xaymaca. It's in Timog Ave. So anyway, Abby is totally into reggae and she so wanted to see Brownman Revival perform coz she heard they were really good. Haha, 'turns out that the Jamaican patty that I ate at Greenbelt was an apt prelude for the slammin' fun we had last night.

It was only last night that I appreciated reggae music. My limited knowledge is Bob Marley = Reggae. And the only reggae song I know is "No Woman, No Cry". I haven't gone dancing for a long time (the last time, I think was last Christmas party 2003 at BG's Pasay Road) and I sooo missed it! Well anyway, last night, we had our sandals off and we all danced on top of the long cushioned bench against the wall of Xaymaca. Astig, everyone was dancing during the 2nd set of the band. It was probably around 1am that time. Dancing to reggae music feels like a natural high I could have sworn the air there probably blew weed kidding!). And it's not tiring to dance to it coz you just kinda like sway and bounce a bit and thrust your arms to the beat. They sang Waiting in Vain, Reason, Red Red Wine, No Woman No Cry, that Buffalo song, The Only One and a coupla more familiar senti songs that they turned into reggae. Really cool! I never imagined that reggae was so much fun! Plus, there's this positive vibe to the place... everyone was friendly... toasting with strangers... dancing with strangers... this dude with a videocam who was videoing everyone... We met these bunch of peeps from UP (Darlene and company whose reserved table we, ermm, occupied -- ahh but it's all good!), this Swiss (?) dude named Raul who came with a bunch of alalays and bodyguards (He was annoyingly dancing with his butt right smack in front of me during the first set when no one else was actually dancing yet. But later on, we got to talk to him and he's pretty cool. He's 22 and he just came from Singapore the night before. He's on internship here and he's with this human rights group or something.) and this table-full of Korean exchange students. I got my feet wet a bit with some beer that got spilled on our table when Raul was dancing on the chair in front of us. The bar's CR is not something to be happy about though. It didn't have much water. But anyway, since you're sweating and everything when you dance, there's not much reason to go to the rest room anyway.

The view from the bench where we danced...

Brownman Revival's vocalist (Dino Concepcion) was kinda cute. I dunno though if it's another story if he takes his shades off. I read that he always wears those shades. Even in his Friendster pic. I am extremely curious to see his face up close, sans the trademark shades. Anyway, he's a good vocalist. He closed his eyes the whole time he sang as if he was sooo into the song.

The pipe-in music was cool: Santeria by Sublime, Amber by 311, Baby I Love Your Way by Big Mountain, Bob Marley stuff... Trivia for the night: I didn't know that Bob Marley was the one who originally sang Waiting in Vain. All this time I thought it was Annie Lennox!

We chatted with the new people we met after Brownman Revival's set ended around past 2am. I think we left the place past 3am.

After that, we went to Decades in Malate to eat and drink. I swear, the place is gay city! It seems all the guys there, no matter how muscled, well-dressed and good-looking, are gay. Ackk. Oh well. I was there for the daquiri and fish n' chips anyway. By the time we left Malate, it was past 5am and it was almost sunrise. Astig, grabeng gimmick 'to. This was the longest gimmick I have ever had.

When I got home, I even went online after washing my face and brushing my teeth. I think I slept around 7:30AM. Our maid woke me up at 12:45pm for lunch. After that I took a bath coz my hair smelled horrible with all that smoke. Heck, I had to shampoo twice and scrub myself to death just to get rid of the yosi smell. Now I smell all fruity with that grape seed body wash thing from Body Shop ;)