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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Haha. I just read my friend Tin's "Friends Only" entry at her tabulas. Her post's title was "lilacstardust: my virtual shrink".

Part of her entry read (Tin, I hope u don't mind me sharing this eensie-weensie part of your post...):

since i can't think of anything, i decided to read aileen's romantic mushy bullshits.

i really like her "writing" skills.... full of emotions. i sooo feel her pain.

Yeah. I can be sooo such a drama queen with my entries here and at Tabulas. I started blogging when sh*t happened with me and the so-called hero. Blogging is like talking to a virtual shrink -- only cheaper. And you also get to entertain the rest of the blog-hopping netizens. Plus, you get to brush up on your writing skills and vocabulary ;) Plus, you can cross you heart and make a wish that THAT PERSON gets to read your entry about HIMSELF. In a twisted way, I would really like him to stumble upon my blog. Coz I can't say what's on my mind when I am so distracted/petrified/scared/terrified by his presence. Might as well let these words reach him in some weird cosmic way.

I am so tempted to change my blog's title from "This will make perfect sense someday" to "aileen's romantic mushy bullshits". It's got so much more chutzpah than a John Mayer song could ever say.

Haha :P I wuvvv you Tin! I'm glad that you have discovered the essence of blogging. Virtual shrink diba?! ;)


Abbie eXcites said...

I suppperrr can relate to Tin! Thanks Lilacstardust! :) Since we started blogging...I felt more closer to you than evah! O don't cry na...dry your tears na.

~*lilacstardust*~ said...

*awww* gee, thanks, i'm officially touched :) ... teka, for the record, i haven't been crying these past few weeks! chika drama lang... feeling emotional chuva lang ;P

it's so nice that we Forces gals still somehow get to keep in touch with each other through our blogs no matter how geographically far apart we are. *sigh* si charo and ivy na lang ang blog-resistant! haha :P