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Saturday, July 10, 2004


Okaaaay, I'm not ashamed to admit that I like Hero Angeles! Haha! He has such cute dimples and he's like a dark version of Aga Mulach on some camera angles. And that champorado speech... *awww*

There is no denying that this kid is uber-popular. Search him up in Friendster... you'll get like about 50 different profiles. I managed to find him at Myspace. It seems pretty legit... seems like it's really his profile. Anywaaaay... I caught up late on the Star Circle Quest thing. I only watched it coz that's what was on TV during dinner time. Plus, I was curious to see Ehra's sister Michelle on it (Ehra is the girlfriend of Akafella's beatboxer DJ Myke...) The whole Sandara Parks hullabaloo, Hero Angeles looking like an F4 dude... I found Roxanne pretty and Hero, cute and humble. Joross is cute but his personality does not really appeal to me. I didn't really watch their talent portions/exercises and stuff. I was more amused at the bitchy comments of Boy Abunda (my fave Boy Abunda comment: "Sandara, para kang nag-aantay ng jeep na hindi na darating." when he commented on Sandara's acting on the Marina set) and Direk Lauren Dyogi (he's quite a hottie too!). I didn't even get to catch the finals and hear the ever-famous champorado speech of Hero. I think I was out on a gimmick that night.

So anyway, I am not in a position to vouch for his acting/singing/dancing abilities as I have not really super-watched SCQ... yet, with the sob story of Hero, my heart really goes out to him and he so deserves to be blessed by God with that SCQ prize. I never really watched Maalaala Mo Kaya but when I heard that they were doing the Hero Angeles story, I really stayed up for it. Man, it was such a big boohoo sob story. As in, super kawawa pala sya. Imagine, never really eating much and just getting by with water all day? And aww, he did not even own a decent pair of jeans. And those strapped sandals with socks that he wore to school since he was a kid. And then walking to school?! Ay grabe. Soooo kawawa, I swear. Granting that what they showed there is really faithful to the truth, I would say that Hero is a genuinely good person. As in. With all that sh*t he went through, he soooo super deserves to win. I just hope that his feet remain planted on the ground and that super stardom won't corrupt his values and principles.