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Monday, July 12, 2004


Holy camote(Hogi, pahiram ng term ha! :P), Hoobastank is gonna be here daw on August 17, Folk Arts Theatre?!?!

I checked their site but there's no posted tour dates for August yet. I skimmed through their message board and there's this lone post about them coming to Manila. Apparently, it has been announced over MTV. My officemate who broke the news to me also said he found out from MTV. Weeks before (around the time that Ben Jelen came here...), somebody from the Rockwell Ryan message board also mentioned that she heard from the radio that Hoobastank was coming to Manila. I just dunno though if the date and venue is correct. I tried surfing the net but I didn't find any news about it.

I think I wanna watch it. Pathetic though, coz I only know two songs by Hoobastank: Crawling in the Dark (their first breakout single --i think-- but I forget now how the song goes...) and of course, the super duper anthem of everyone... The Reason.

I think I wanna watch mainly because of the vocalist. See, I don't even know his name... ok wait, according to their site, he is *tada* Doug Robb. He reminds me of a lesser-evolved version of John Cusack... an Asian-looking, kiddie version of John Cusack... maybe John Cusack during his High Fidelity days. However, I am still torn as to who has more forehead, John Cusack or Doug Robb? Wala lang.

Very Cusack-ish, right?

I wonder what Mr. Cusack would have to say about this. Does he know that he looks like an mtv rockstar? Hmmmm.